TrustED Conf 2022 Recap

by | Nov 9, 2022

TrustED Conf 2022 Recap
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TrustED Conf is our annual team meet-up; a week-long training, planning and bonding experience, almost always held in an exotic locale.

As much as we enjoyed the 2021 metaverse edition, we couldn’t wait to get the band back together IRL. No mean feat considering our team spans 9 countries!

There were sessions on In Marketing We Trust’s growth plans and innovation, as well as the latest in SEO, analytics, data & engineering and a series of poolside Pecha Kucha talks.

We’d like to give a huge THANK YOU to our wonderful clients for being so accommodating while we were away.

TrustED Conf 2022


TrustED Conf 2022 Recap

TrustED Conf Day 1

TrustED Conf day 1 started with a bang, with keynote addresses from In Marketing We Trust’s big guns.

Freddy and Paul at TrustED Conf 2022

Our CEO Paul Hewett dove deep into the growth plans for our business for 2023 and beyond. Spoiler alert, aggressive expansion is on the cards into a range of new territories.

Head of corporate services Martin Dunk outlined the backbone for how we’re going to get there; improvements in efficiency from our people, platforms and processes.

Frederic Chanut, our Chief Innovation Officer spoke about, well, innovation. We’re not talking fluffy, new-normal, corporate echo-chamber top-level nonsense. He sees digital services being delivered as a product, rather than a traditional agency framework.

Head of Digital, Selina Gough chatted all things delivery and how businesses are moving from consumer-centric strategies in order to achieve growth, and stay relevant.

Selina Gough and Tom Ashworth at TrustED Conf 2022

New to the term life-centric? Read through the highlights below to learn more.


We finished the day off with some poolside Pecha Kuchas.

Martin Dunk and Lisa Ffrench at TrustED Conf 2022


TrustED Conf Day 2

Did you know over 8.5 billion Google searches are completed every day? Our SEO dream team, spanning 8 nationalities across 5 countries, strive to turn this stream of queries into website traffic.

SEO dream team at TrustED Conf 2022

In his keynote address Tom Ashworth, In Marketing We Trust’s SEO lead took us through how the team reacts to changes in the Google algorithm, and with over 5 updates this year alone, it can be like trying to solve a Rubik’s cube that’s fighting back.

Learn more about Tom and the team’s process below.

We ended day 2 with a party and best-dressed competition!

Cecilia, Maria, Sally and Leann at TrustED Conf 2022


Best-dressed TrustED Conf 2022


Tom, River and Miroslav at TrustED Conf 2022


Best dressed TrustED Conf 2022


Best-dressed competition at TrustED Conf 2022


TrustED Conf Day 3

A cookieless future sounds depressing on a number of levels, but it’s a reality Elle Kennedy, Paid Media Lead at In Marketing We Trust tackled head-on in her keynote address.

Google has announced Chrome will deprecate 3rd party cookies by 2023, and while they’re known for extending deadlines, taking the ostrich approach and sticking your head in the sand won’t help in the long run.

As the old saying goes, perfect preparation prevents poor performance, and in her talk, Elle advocated for digital marketers to get their privacy, collection and consent strategies in line with these looming changes.

Confused by 1st, 3rd and zero-party data? Check out Elle’s slides below for more info.

On day 3 of TrustED Conf we finished off with some Karaoke with the whole team! We’ll save you from a video with audio, here’s a pic instead.

In Marketing We Trust Karoake - TrustED Conf 2022


TrustED Conf Day 4

GA4’s been the talk of the analytics town for the last little while, and while we love the new interface, there’s a serious engine under the hood if you have the right person driving it.

Our Head of analytics Benoit Weber has been creating marketing data warehouses that harness the power of Google Marketing Platform and Google Cloud.

We’re able to collect data from your website + CRM, export this from GA4 into BigQuery, then use predictive analysis to understand a user’s propensity to convert.

The end result? Check out Ben’s slides below and see how this process helped save Open Colleges $200k a month on marketing spend.


On day 4 we also had a workshop on people and culture and got some tips on giving and receiving feedback from our People Operations Manager, Maria Ursente.

Leann and Cecilia at TrustED Conf 2022

TrustED Conf 2022 team


TrustED Conf Day 5

Day 5 of TrustED Conf started off with an amazing talk from our Head of Data and Engineering, James Bardsley, where we learnt the many ways in which to solve puzzles. We also worked in teams to put together learnings and actions from this year’s TrustED Conf.

After an early lunch, we all headed out for some fun quad biking through waterfalls!

TrustED Conf quad biking


TrustED Conf day 5 waterfalls


And that’s a wrap on TrustED Conf 2022!

Thanks again to our clients for indulging our week off at TrustED Conf, we hope you missed us as much as we missed you!

We’re pumped to get back on the tools refreshed, reinvigorated, and with a bunch of new ideas to test out.

TrustED Conf 2022 Recap

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