Our annual conference brings together our best data, digital and marketing minds from all over the world for an immersive week of knowledge sharing, collaboration and problem-solving..


TrustED Conf VR World Tour

We didn’t want to miss another year! But how did we do it? More Zooming? No thank you. We took the conference to our team. Each team member was given an Oculus Quest 2 for our VR world tour. TrustED Conf 2021 had learning, culture and entertainment, all in virtual reality.

All the Updates from TrustED Conf 2021

Query Sculpting With Google Shopping

Query Sculpting With Google Shopping

For our TrustED Conf 2021 VR World Tour, we heard from Scott Roy, a Performance Marketing Specialist with over a ...
COVID-19 Consumer Trends and Post-Pandemic SEO

COVID-19 Consumer Trends and Post-Pandemic SEO

For our TrustED Conf 2021 VR World Tour, we heard from Leann Chan, an experienced Search Engine Optimisation ...
How I’ve Pitched SEO and (Basically) Achieved a 100% Success Rate

How I’ve Pitched SEO and (Basically) Achieved a 100% Success Rate

For our TrustED Conf 2021 VR World Tour, we heard from Daverick Aguilar, an SEO Specialist on how he pitched SEO ...
TrustED Conf 2021 Day 1

TrustED Conf 2021 Day 1

Today we're kicking off the TrustED Conf VR World Tour with a company keynote to take a look back at the amazing ...
We’re Ushering In the Next Phase of Remote Work – Virtual Reality

We’re Ushering In the Next Phase of Remote Work – Virtual Reality

  In Marketing We Trust has been remote since our beginnings in 2012. In the ...

Keynote Speakers

Frederic Chanut

Managing Director

Benoit Weber

Head of Analytics

Paul Hewett

Commercial Director

Maria Ursente

People Operations Manager

Selina Gough

Head of Growth

Martin Dunk

Operations Manager

James Bardsley

Head of Data & Engineering

TrustED Conf 2021 Speakers

Andrei Inso

Operations Executive

IMPACT – Improving My Performance and Corroborating Them

Digital landscapes change every day and we constantly find new ways of doing things. But how do we know they actually work? This talk will explore a few methods on how to measure your impact and why it matters.

Andrew Patterson

Senior Data & DevOps Engineer

Regular Expressions – Zero to Hero

Regular Expressions are used in many areas for powerful pattern matching. Get an understanding of how they can be used, including in Search Console and Google Analytics.

Ania Cerezo

Account Manager

Influencer Marketing: Why it Works Despite the Pandemic

Influencer Marketing during the pandemic and how data analytics changed the game.

Daverick Aguilar

SEO Specialist

How I’ve Pitched SEO and (Basically) Achieved a 100% Success Rate

If you want to pitch SEO, consider including these slides. It’s been fun seeing “aha” moments come to life.

El Phan

Talent Acquisitions Specialist

How Has the Talent Market Changed After the Pandemic

What talent wants, what employers need, and what we’re learning in the Great Reshuffle.

James Ohlson

Paid Media Specialist

Turning Personas into a paid media strategy

Taking a deep dive into complex audience targeting across paid platforms, and how you can effectively implement audience personas into your paid media strategy.

Kirsty Tanner

Editor in Chief

Social Media Marketing Insights & Efficiencies

Going beyond the basics of social media marketing with insights and digging deep into best practices and standard operating procedures to make this ever time-consuming task more efficient.

Lisa Ffrench

Paid Media Specialist

The Explosion of Online Shopping During the Global Pandemic

Online shopping has taken off over the past 12-18 months. Will this trend continue? Are retailers keeping up with the explosion of growth?

Leticia Eroles Palacio

Account Manager

Key Insights on How to Effectively Communicate and Connect with Clients and Teammates

A guide to achieving effective communication when working remotely in the digital marketing industry.

Leann Chan

SEO Specialist

COVID-19 Search Trends & Post-Pandemic SEO

We delve into how COVID-19 has shaken up the search landscape, and explore different SEO strategies in a post-pandemic world.

Miroslav Chodak

SEO Specialist

The Weirdest Google Manual Penalty Ever!

A story of how a popular blog managed to get in and out of a Google manual penalty and how it affected its performance. Based on actual events.

Martin Sprong

SEO Specialist

The Power of Persuasion

Introduction to the principles of persuasion and how to apply these to your digital marketing activities.

Oleg Kolyamkin

Data Scientist

Nobody Expects the Linking Inquisition!

A story on how we developed the internal linking scheme to increase rankings but got something completely different.

Oum Chirdchuen

SEO Specialist

Work with Google, Play with Google!

Some good to know and cool features of Google you might not be aware of. You can use them for work, for everyday life, or just for killing time

Scott Roy

Performance Marketing Specialist

Query Sculpting with Google Shopping

Query sculpting has become a popular strategy for Google Shopping over the past number of years. It allows you to set different bids based on search query intent, and prioritise your best-converting traffic. This presentation discusses how it’s done.

Tom Ashworth

Head of SEO

The True Value of Good Data

With so many metrics, data sources and third-party tools it’s easy to get bogged down in how to present results instead of focusing on making sure that the data is clean, consistent and complete. When your marketing dollars are decided by performance numbers then you need to have an accurate source of truth to make the correct decisions to maximise ROI.