Celebrating Our Culture Heroes – Oum

by | Nov 21, 2023

Celebrating our culture heroes - oum
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At In Marketing We Trust, we firmly believe in recognising and celebrating the outstanding contributions of our team members who embody our core values. This month, we are thrilled to announce that Oum has been honoured with the Ethos Award for Dependability. Oum isn’t a newcomer to our Ethos award; we had the opportunity to interview Oum previously when he was recognised for his ‘Get shit done’ attitude.

Celebrating Our Culture Heroes

We had the privilege of sitting down with Oum once again and asked him a series of questions to gain deeper insight into his work ethic and how he consistently demonstrates his dependability.

Proud Moments

When we inquired about a moment or project where he felt especially proud of his work ethic, Oum’s response resonated with determination and team spirit: “We once had a substantial goal to meet for a client, and by the end of the year, we had to be 150% better. It seemed like a formidable challenge, but we all worked diligently and not only achieved our goals but surpassed expectations. I was truly gratified to see what we could accomplish when we all put in the hard work together.”

Overcoming Obstacles

Discussing a significant challenge he recently encountered at work and how he handled it, Oum shared: “One major challenge I faced in recent times was when we delivered a project to a client, and they encountered issues implementing it on their website, negatively impacting the campaign’s performance. To address this, I collaborated closely with the client, identifying the most critical areas requiring immediate attention. We concentrated on these key aspects while remaining adaptable with less critical components. This approach enabled us to surmount the obstacles and ensured that our work had the desired impact.”

Celebrating our culture heroes - oum

Team Influence

Reflecting on how his work style influences his teammates, Oum noted: “I always strive to excel in my work and adhere to deadlines, and I believe this sets a positive example for everyone, helping them stay on track. Additionally, I’m always available to support my team whenever they require assistance, willingly sharing my knowledge. This not only enhances our collective efficiency but also translates into increased productivity and superior outcomes.”

Looking Forward

When it comes to his future aspirations, Oum expressed: “One thing I’m enthusiastic about is delving deeper into how we can leverage AI to enhance our SEO efforts. AI holds tremendous potential for improving our visibility in search engine results, and I’m eager to explore the possibilities offered by new AI tools. This isn’t just an opportunity for personal growth and learning; it will also enable us to deliver an even better service to our clients.”

Oum’s well-deserved recognition as the Ethos Award winner for Dependability underscores his unwavering commitment to his work, adept problem-solving skills, and positive impact on the team. “Oum joined a work-in-progress (WIP) call with the client and showcased a strong, dependable relationship. The client looked to him for advice and support. This type of relationship with the client is a result of the rapport Oum has built over time, cementing himself as someone who can be consulted and trusted.”
Congratulations, Oum, on this well-deserved honour!”

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