Embracing the Future: Celebrating AI Innovation with the “Best Use of AI Award”

by | Dec 4, 2023

Embracing the Future Celebrating AI Innovation with the Best Use of AI Award
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At In Marketing We Trust, the future is now; we’ve recently introduced our “Best Use of AI Award”, a fortnightly accolade that spotlights the team member with the most innovative implementation of an AI tool. This award is not just a recognition practice, it’s the impetus toward an AI-empowered future in digital marketing.

The Significance of AI in Our Agency

AI software is commonly represented as the pillar of innovation and efficiency. Our agency’s objectives when applying AI tools are to ‘increase speed or productivity’, ‘drive value through data’, or ‘make the customer the hero’. This subjective approach keeps us questioning how we think and operate rather than integrating AI without a strategy or for fear of losing industry relevance. The adoption of AI has been more daunting for some staff than others, and this award is, above all, our way of endorsing and celebrating all those who try their hand at it.

Embracing the Future Celebrating AI Innovation with the Best Use of AI Award

Use-Cases: Our Stories of Success

  • ChatGPT & GPT-4: These AI powerhouses have been instrumental in content creation and market analysis interactions. ChatGPT has revolutionised our content production and pitch deck development approach, offering insightful summaries and engaging narratives. By contrast, GPT-4 has enhanced our market research capabilities, efficiently categorising industries and providing deeper insights from Wikipedia and LinkedIn data.
  • Transcribing Tools: Tools like Fathom, Cockatoo, and OfflineTranscriber are being utilised to extract valuable audio information from videos and meetings to be converted into clear supporting documentation. These applications are essential in ensuring no critical insights are lost by autogenerating detailed, accurate records of our discussions and strategies.
  • Strategic Tools: Appscript combined with Google Bard for large-scale data manipulation and information extraction are also in our toolkit for streamlining the data analysis processes. Miro has been pivotal in enhancing client experiences, providing an interactive platform for brainstorming and strategic planning, and ensuring effective collaboration and alignment across all projects.

Canva AI and Copilot (our ATS system) have been integrated into our workflow to further expand our capabilities in design, recruitment and various other aspects of our digital marketing operations.

Best Use of AI Awards

The Reward

Our champion for the month only needs to meet one criterion: don’t just use an AI tool; innovate with it. The most creative application will win an Amazon Voucher worth AUD 50. Albeit a small token, the recognition process is a testament to our culture of celebrating small individual wins for collective growth.

Our Culture of Recognition

We celebrate our team’s brilliance at every opportunity. Curious about our other award schemes? Read up on our “Annual Trusties” awards, which serves as a commitment to marketing excellence, and our Ethos Award, where we highlight individuals who align with our five core organisational values.

Future Impact

We continue to explore the limitless possibilities of AI in both digital marketing and internal operations. Our team’s human creativity, combined with the intelligence of these tools, will bring about innovations greater than our wildest dreams.

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