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by | Oct 3, 2023

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We are excited to announce that we have been recognised by the Australian Financial Review as one of the top 10 media and marketing companies in its AFR BOSS Most Innovative Companies Awards. We have been recognised for our innovative solution for enterprise businesses, ScalePath.

ScalePath is a dynamic recommendation engine that plugs into a legacy or custom-built content management system to select and drive better search marketing performance for key pages.

It enables marketers to roll out scalable fixes by creating dynamic, rule-based URL fixes with low to no involvement from their development team.

Marketers working on large websites (100k URLs or more) have difficulty optimising their site and defining what part of the inventory to focus on to boost organic traffic.

ScalePath helps teams implement changes at scale and reduce the development cycle from 9-12 months to under 3 months.

Two-thirds of our implemented recommendations see an increase in SEO visibility or search performance with up to 13% traffic and revenue growth within three months. Across large sites, this equates to millions of dollars added to the bottom line.

The majority of optimisation we’ve seen in this field is done at an individual company level. Many of the solutions we see in the market either require a rebuild of your existing web and digital platform or act as a “man-in-the-middle” solution, which increases the risk of cyber attacks.

Our solution provides a 3rd path to rapid prototyping and implementation by creating an easy and safe way to make changes to your site.

We have over a decade of experience optimising sites with large inventories and bring that expertise to roll out programmes quickly. Our solution is customisable to a client’s own tech stack and integrates with their existing setup which means recommendations are rolled out quicker, cheaper and safer.

ScalePath solves two major challenges for marketers: getting buy-in and rolling out scalable SEO fixes.

The platform combines all the factors used to determine page importance into a single value in order to help marketers get buy-in for SEO.

With low to no involvement from the dev team, it also helps marketers roll out scalable fixes in as little as eight weeks.

For Product and Engineering teams, it frees up their time by working only on proven changes and gives them confidence that they are working on items with a proven impact.

The fixes have resulted in millions of dollars for companies’ bottom lines.

Kirsten Tanner

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