In Marketing We Trust is Now a Member of the IAB

by | Jan 10, 2023

In Marketing We Trust join IAB Australia
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We are excited to announce that In Marketing We Trust is now a member of the IAB. The role of the IAB is to support sustainable and diverse investment in digital advertising across all platforms in Australia. CEO, Paul Hewett, will also sit on the IAB Data Council in 2023.

IAB Australia is one of over 47 IAB offices globally and in the rapidly changing digital advertising and technology ecosystem, IAB Australia is constantly moving forward and identifying how best to assist members and the industry at large. The IAB Industry Charter details the organisation’s focus on helping marketers and agencies involved in digital advertising by:

  • Demonstrating to marketers and agencies the many ways digital advertising can deliver on business objectives.
  • Ensuring the necessary standards and guidelines are in place to promote a trusted and transparent digital marketplace, reduce the friction within in the digital supply chain and to improve the online advertising experience for consumers, advertisers, and publishers.

Paul will be in good company in the IAB Data Council, with subject matter experts from Google, Adobe, Equifax, Carsales, TikTok, and Seven West Media, among others.

The IAB Data Council was convened in 2018 to provide the industry with education on the definitions and management of data, as well as applicable information around the execution, usage and interrogation of data commonly used in digital advertising.

One of the primary goals of the Data Council is to understand and quantify industry-level and organisational applications of audience data, campaign data and analytics data used in the digital advertising ecosystem and disseminate those learnings to the wider industry.

The council also aims to establish best practices and guidelines on the effective uses of data for Australian businesses and for the particular marketing functions for which that data will be used.

“I am looking forward to drawing on my experience and knowledge as the former Chair of Councils for both the DMA (Direct Marketing Association) and IDM (Institute of Data & Marketing) to help the IAB and our members navigate the changing world of advertising data”

– Paul Hewett, CEO, In Marketing We Trust

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