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In September we kicked off our fourth annual company conference, TrustED Conf 2019 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Trusted Conf 2019 took place in Horizon Village, one of the most famous locations in Chiang Mai. It was an epic week of collaboration, learning and team building. We brought the best data and digital marketing experts from all around the world to share their experiences and to improve the success of  In Marketing We Trust and our customers’ brands.

Trusted Conf 2019 Chiang MaiWith 20 speakers, 10 client live sessions and 3 partner keynotes, Trusted Conf 2019 was the #1 digital marketing conference in Chiang Mai.

#1 Digital Marketing Conference in Chiang MaiIt’s been a year of growth with amazing customers like Gumtree, Expedia and Globus. It’s been a year of innovation, expanding our data science capabilities to better serve our customers. It’s been a year of team growth, searching the planet for the best digital folk in the world to work for our customers.

So what’s next? Our leadership team gave an overview of the strategy and key initiatives that will continue our growth as a global digital marketing company.

More innovation, more people, more growth!

Trusted Conf team Key takeaways of Trusted Conf 2019:

  • Knowledge sharing and professional development
  • Collaborate to improve In Marketing We Trust
  • Collaborate to improve our customers’ businesses
  • Build relationships with team members
  • Professional development: speaker sessions
  • Customer development: customer innovation workshops
  • Company development: updated strategy and alignment


Peter Drucker said, “culture eats strategy for breakfast”.

This is something we truly believe at In Marketing We Trust.

Culture Heroes As a globally distributed company, living our values is essential to keeping everyone moving together in the same direction.

While everyone in the team lives by these values, there are a few people that have gone above and beyond to embody specific values, these are our cultural heroes. We thanked this wonderful group on the first day of Trusted Conf in our Culture Hero Hall of Fame.


We were excited to invite some of the most innovative marketing technology companies in the world to speak at Trusted Conf 2019.

Mobile-First Content At Scale

The first speaker was Steve Wright from Vamp and he talked to us about mobile-first content at scale. With clients including Starbucks, Disney, eBay and many other household names, Vamp is one of the most exciting businesses in the influencer space.

Vamp The Next Wave of Growth

After that, we were privileged to have Google’s Jinal Mehta present to our team at Trusted Conf 2019. Jinal took us into the future, looking at how online video will drive the next wave of growth for digital marketing agencies.

Jinal Mehta

Big Query Connector

Then, we welcomed Supermetrics’ Jukka Puputti to TrustED Conf 2019. Jukka gave us a deep-dive into the BigQuery connector and how marketers can use it to create centralised reporting.

Supermetrics A massive thanks to Steve Wright, Jinal Mentha and Jukka Puputti for their amazing keynotes.

Here is the full recap of Trusted Conf 2019.


We started the day 2 with expert presentations from Ezgi Turan on Why Video Marketing is So Powerful, Roberta Cardoso on Data Torture, Justine Smith on Sustainable Marketing and Ana Verissimo on an Expedia workshop and Steve Wright at Vamp. We finished the day strong by looking at our progress on two projects: Globus and Point Hacks.


On day 3 we doubled down on knowledge sharing and collaboration with more specialist knowledge presentations from Leann Chan on E-A-T, Erran Su on Digital Marketing in China, Miroslav Chodack on Facebook Page Likes and Pedro Maioli on Scraping Open Web Discussions. We finished up the day with in-depth reviews of Expedia Group projects.

Trusted Conf 2019 - Day 3


Titus Dalisay, Ellina Kollegova, Benoit Weber and Leigh San who are experts from In Marketing We Trust covered topics including the end of tracking and MENA SEO, followed by presentations by Jinal Mehta from Google and Jukka Puputti from Supermetrics.


The last day was all about creativity and fun!

As a Google Marketing Platform Partner, we know that video marketing is the next big thing. That’s why we spent nearly the entire day to create professional content to increase our brand awareness and to show the world our advanced level of Google Partnership and products expertise.

Here is a sneak peek from our creative day.

Sneak peek We finished the day with one of the best activities in Chiang Mai.

A zipline adventure.

It was surprisingly fun and exciting with great activities such as, spiral staircase, hill tribe ladder, kung fu walk, zig-zag walkway, flying skateboard, sky bridge, climbing net and a walk on a bamboo bridge with a beautiful waterfall.

Trusted Conf 2019 Day 5


We are on a journey to change the way people see the remote agency. That’s why we’re building a great and strong business step by step. The In Marketing We Trust team is comprised of strategists, creatives, data geeks and tech-bods. We have handpicked the best to get the perfect balance between art and science.

Thank you all for your hard work and commitment.

See you at Trusted Conf 20!

Trusted Conf 2019 Wrap Up
Kirsten Tanner

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