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An optimised approach to Display Remarketing produces a 473% increase in conversion for Globus

About the client

Globus family of brands (Group Voyagers Inc) is the largest tour operator in the world. Specialising in river cruises, and escorted and independent holidays. Offering more than 500 different itineraries, across 30 businesses, Globus has been a leader in travel for over 90 years.

Across the client’s portfolio of websites with the Globus, Avalon and Cosmos brands there was already a good level of traffic. We, therefore, had some solid data to work with and our initial analysis of user behaviour for site visitors who were already demonstrating purchasing intent allowed us to create a highly successful remarketing strategy.



Drive more sales with a limited budget through optimised targeting of site visitors who already showed an interest in booking

Increase bookings for Globus family of brands whilst reducing CPA

The objective was to increase conversions and bookings for Globus family of brands through remarketing display ads to reduce the cost per acquisition.

A full analysis of how the digital marketing strategy was performing overall was required, in order to garner snippets of information which could be used to increase performance. Looking at user behaviour within specific demographics and determining which were the most valuable search terms was also needed, to determine the specific content to be used in display remarketing assets.

Despite a limited budget, we wanted to ensure that our remarketing display efforts would match or outperform other channels for conversion rate.


Creating highly relevant ads and adjusting bid strategy for particular demographics would see measurable uplift

In Marketing We Trust’s Google Ads expertise generates better ROI on remarketing

We segmented audiences and created a specific plan to target relevant display assets at people we could see were already interested in the Globus, Avalon and Cosmos brands. Ultimately the concept was to communicate with users at a specific stage in the sales funnel in a manner that was relevant to them.

Our approach was to create highly relevant ads and adjust bids for particular age and gender demographics. We targeted specific and highly relevant websites — including weather information sites — to target users either going about their day-to-day browsing or exploring specific weather information at their next holiday destination. For example, if it’s April and a potential Globus customer is researching typical August weather conditions in New York we can create specific assets to encourage a booking.


How we got there

A review of the account when we took over Google Ads management for Globus Australasia allowed us to identify previously successful remarketing placements and further enhance the strategy. 

We optimised bids for key placements so that when highly valuable potential customer behaviour was identified we ensured that those users saw display assets we had created explicitly for them.

In Marketing We Trust undertook continuous, daily optimisation of the Ads accounts, using segmented and detailed audience data to enhance the performance of each ad group.

A/B testing of ads resulted in expanded and optimised campaigns based on continually improving conversion data. In Marketing We Trust also optimised all ad extension features, a standard feature which is often underutilised.  

By mining the search terms that were delivering site traffic we could observe which terms were bringing in good quality traffic and could also eliminate non-relevant, wasteful spend by applying negative search terms as needed.

Globus family of brands were already getting good numbers of visits to their websites, but they needed better quality traffic. Since taking over Google Ads for Globus Australasia we have consistently seen more conversions. With just a 7% increase in spend we’ve hit record highs for our client in total conversions for both Australia and New Zealand. 


In Marketing We Trust increased conversion for Globus family of brands by 473% through remarketing display. Since taking over Google Ads for Globus Australasia we have consistently seen more conversions month-on-month.

With just a 7% increase in spend our work resulted in a 47% increase in click-through rate and a 27% reduction in cost per acquisition. We also produced a 44% reduction in total impressions, an additional indication that the updated creative was working well.

Our work saw us hit record highs for our client in total conversions for both Australia and New Zealand. Despite total traffic being down, through better targeting we massively improved conversion rate, meaning we were driving less traffic but better quality traffic. Against all key metrics, the updated campaigns performed incredibly well. 

Key placements through weather information sites drove many phone calls and bookings from previous site visitors. These placements converted better than organic traffic.


increase in conversions


increase in click-through rate


reduction in CPA