KickAss Junior Digital Marketing Wanted for a Paid, Full Time, 1 Year Social media/SEO Internship

by | Sep 27, 2012

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SEO internship to kick ass

How about something else than a certificate in photocopying or coffee-making? We don’t use paper and got an awesome coffee place next door so we suppose that the only thing left to do is Really Marketing Sh*t…

TL;DR Version

  • Pay: $31,000 per annum, net a.k.a money in your bank (yeah we know that’s your first question)
  • Title: Digital Marketing Executive
  • Location: Sydney with occasional travel to our Melbourne office and if you really smash it maybe to San Fran or Singapore
  • Reports to: Head of SEO Vincent Koc and MD, Freddy Chanut
  • Key objectives: Develop and apply knowledge of digital marketing, SEO, Conversion Optimisation for our clients
  • Duration: 12 months (2x 6mths contracts via Australian Computer Society)
  • Clients: switched on, big web based businesses like Skyscanner, Gumtree, Canva, Woolworths drinks (inc. Dan Murphy’s), YHA, etc…

Blogging, PR, Content Marketing, Communication, SEO and full marketing campaigns are some of the typical tasks you will gain experience from.
We will throw you in the deep end… You will perform tasks typically given to seasoned professionals. Expect to do something awesome not to be spoon fed.
But don’t worry you won’t drown. We will spend a lot of time guiding you and providing with all the background information and support you need.
You will learn from experienced digital marketers while doing real work. You will significantly increase your skill set, learn, and get a unique and highly valuable inside look at online marketing, all while playing a vital role in building brands online.
Duties & Responsibilities

  • Internet Research to create tailored content
  • Social Media monitoring and analysis
  • Write or coordinate writing of PR
  • Coordinate and execute communication/PR/Social media campaigns
  • Revise the company website
  • Identify and develop marketing campaigns to improve the company’s profile
  • Manage Social media activities
  • Create and execute an editorial calendar
  • Client Reporting on progress and results

Personal qualities we love to see

  • Strong English skills
  • Be a strong writer
  • Be highly organized
  • Fascination with the online world
  • Internet research capabilities
  • Data management and strong excel skills
  • Graphic design skills a plus
  • Sense of humour
  • Eagerness to learn
  • Dependable
  • A bit of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
  • A can of Red Bull and insomnia don’t hurt either J

Note on Internships – To get the best learning experience as possible we believes our interns should dedicate at least 3 months full-time and that they supply a letter from the school approving the internship. In Marketing We Trust will work with the qualified applicant for school credit if needed.
Pay: Yes, full Graduate pay. $31k per annum
Interested in the In Marketing We Trust SEO and Social Media Internship?
Application process:

  1. Complete the form below
    1. You get it – Respond to some real life case studies/tasks
    2. You are the right fit – Get in touch with us via G+ Hangout.
    3. You are in – Final offer is discussed and approved by both parties. happy stomping dance ensue!

Responses will only be sent to qualified candidates. No much time left! Send in a résumé today.
If you are not right for this position, please feel free to pass this post along to someone who is.
P.S: we know that you don’t necessarily have a ton of experience. Don’t show us how grand your burger flippin’ was at joe blow café. Show us what matters to us (see above)
Apply here.


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