Benefits of Remote Work: A Decade of Flexibility and Success

by | Aug 21, 2023

Benefits of Remote Work: A Decade of Flexibility and Success
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For over a decade, we have blazed the trail, fully embracing remote work way before the Covid-19 pandemic knocked on our doors. Our model wasn’t just a quick pivot during a global crisis; it’s been our ethos since 2010. Why? Freddy, our founder, loves a good wander, and since all our clients’ work was online, it was a no-brainer.

The Benefits of Remote Work: A Closer Look at Our Company's Policy

Freddy in 2013, following the trail to find The Last Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

Benefits of Remote Work: We’re Not Just Boasting, It’s Proven

Boosted Productivity

Not just a gut feeling, research backs up the productivity boost from remote work. Prodoscore’s 2020 study showcased a productivity jump of 47% year-on-year when folks shifted out of traditional offices. Reduced commute times, fewer random chinwags, and personal comfort translate to laser focus and top-drawer results. This also amps up job satisfaction and motivation levels.

Work-Life Balance

At In Marketing We Trust we’re all about that balance. Like when our team has a breather for family time, or a beach vacay, or Freddy, amidst the harrowing backdrop of the Ukraine-Russia war went beyond the call of duty. Freddy undertook a crucial mission, providing logistical support and facilitating round trips between France and Poland. Collaborating with two organisations, he not only transported donations and essential goods but also brought refugees back to safety in Lyon. It’s a testament to our belief in blending work with purpose and impact.

Access to Global Talent

Our APAC focus isn’t just for the fun of it. By casting a wider net, we’re not just fishing in the local pond but reeling in big fish from the global ocean. Access to 60% of the world’s talent pool is a powerful boost.

  • Diverse Perspectives: A wider talent pool brings diverse insights, sparking innovation. Different backgrounds mean fresh solutions and ideas that wouldn’t typically emerge from a homogenous team.
  • Skill Availability: Some skills might be rarer than rocking horse poo in one region but abundant elsewhere. We’re not stuck waiting for the right talent to pop up in our backyard.
  • Cost-Efficiency: Not to sound stingy, but sometimes, hiring talent from regions with a lower cost of living is easier on the company’s pocket, without skimping on quality.

The Guts of Our Remote Work Policy

  • Geographic Focus: We hire within +/- 3 hours of Sydney Standard Time to ensure quick turnaround and real-time communication.
  • Timesheet Logging: This helps us keep an eye on workloads and ensures our team strikes the right balance between work and play.
  • Flexible Hours: While encouraging flexibility, there’s a minimum overlap requirement of 4 hours per day with Sydney Standard Time.

Remote Work Challenges & Our Way of Tackling Them

Balancing Productivity

Remote work undoubtedly offers increased productivity, but this is largely attributed to our team’s relentless efforts to navigate common hurdles like distractions, procrastination, isolation, and communication barriers. We’re always ahead of the curve, deploying best practices to ensure consistent results.

Random Pairings with Donut

We occasionally pair team members for casual, non-work-related chats. These Donut sessions act as ice-breakers, ensuring everyone feels connected.

Structured Calendar Blocks

Our weeks have themes. With Planning Mondays, Scrum Tuesdays, and Get-Shit-Done Thursdays, our members have a clear framework for each day, allowing them to anticipate and organise their workload effectively.

Emphasising Open Work Culture

We advocate for “working out loud”. It’s essential not just for an individual to know their tasks but for peers to be aware of overarching projects. We achieve this transparency through dedicated Slack channels and fortnightly company-wide meetings where teams share their updates and projections.

Full Transparency in Leadership

Our leaders believe in open communication. Every team member is well-versed in our BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) and our progress, be it financial or operational.

Annual Team Conference

Our week-long rendezvous, TrustED Conf, usually in Southeast Asia, fosters better team dynamics. It’s not just about work; it’s about building relationships.

Quad biking at TrustED Conf. Benefits of Remote Work: A Decade of Flexibility and Success

Quad biking at our Annual Team Conference

Organic Meet-Ups

For those living in proximity, informal get-togethers occur every few months. Not mandated, these are spontaneous meetings stemming from the genuine bonds our team shares.

Standard Operating Procedures

Having robust SOPs becomes even more important in a remote work setup, especially when onboarding new team members or wrapping up projects. Documentation is absolutely crucial for preserving knowledge and ensuring its smooth transfer and I can proudly say that we have an efficient operations system.

Navigating Cultural Differences

We put in the hard yards understanding diverse cultural norms, making sure everyone’s rights during company trips, and being switched on about various time zones.

In Conclusion

We’ve cracked remote work with the same gusto as any challenge we face, with communication as our cornerstone and ensuring our team’s well-being. Keen to suss out our way of doing things? Dive in and give our company a squiz. Like a quokka in the business world, we promise you won’t be disappointed!

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