In Marketing We Trust is taking action to

Support the people of Ukraine.


Ukraine Policy

The invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 has created the biggest humanitarian crisis in Europe since the second world war, with millions of people suffering as a consequence.

The destruction on the ground in Ukraine and the displacement of millions of citizens, many of them vulnerable, elderly and children, means it is time to take action. We are urging everyone associated with In Marketing We Trust to donate to the Help Ukraine Center, an organisation which is providing Humanitarian and Medical Aid to Ukraine.

Frederic Chanut, our Chief Innovation Officer is currently working directly with the Help Ukraine Center as a volunteer, providing support to some of those in the most danger due to the conflict. He is also assisting the Solidarite Ukraine Lyon organisation.

As Frederic explains, “Now is the time to act and to support the people of Ukraine. I’m helping out two organisations by doing round trips providing logistical support between France and Poland. We are delivering donations and essential goods and bringing refugees back to Lyon. Help Ukraine Center is a volunteer-run dispatch organisation in Poland and Romania. They organise the trucks and donations arriving from Europe and get them to Ukraine. They do the critical and dangerous ‘last mile’ delivery where they ensure essential goods make their way to those in need.”

“Solidarite Ukraine Lyon is a charity which was set up by a French Ukrainian couple of entrepreneurs at the beginning of the war. They have built an impressive network between my hometown Lyon, Poland and Ukraine to support those affected by the conflict.”

Frederic has seen first-hand how desperate the situation is and why it is so important to donate to help Ukraine. “On my first trip we delivered a first batch of donations near the border with Ukraine. I was impressed by the level of care and compassion seen across Poland. There were a few tearful moments with local volunteers, wrestling between their desire to do more, the scale of the tragedy and their own exhaustion. I’m now heading back to the border to pick up more people, often with disabilities who are not accepted on the trains and buses out of Ukraine.”

Please donate to both Help Ukraine Center and Solidarite Ukraine Lyon and check out their pages to see more about the vital work they are carrying out.

Help Ukraine Center accepts donations for the purchasing of medical supplies and other necessary humanitarian products. They also provide a full list of the supplies most needed and they quickly deliver packages to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Ministry of Health and Ministry of Reintegration for further distribution. 

Solidarite Ukraine Lyon operates through Facebook, with most of the information on their page in French. However, using Facebook’s standard translation tool it is easy to see how the volunteers are helping in Ukraine with transport and deliveries. You can donate to support the group here.