Kickstart Your Digital Marketing Career

by | Nov 20, 2012

Kickstart Your Career in Digital Marketing
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The digital marketing industry is booming, and is showing no signs of slowing down.
With the importance and popularity of the digital age controlling this rapid rise, there is currently a wealth of opportunity for both young and old to break into the digital marketing industry.

So you want to be a digital marketer?

Digital marketing is an exciting emerging industry, and as the digital and online world continues to blossom, the need for young up-and-coming marketers is highly likely. But before you go racing into the deep end, digital marketing is quite different from traditional marketing, and much more is required in this tech-savy industry than just an understanding of the marketing basics.
As a current intern and University student undertaking a generic Business degree, I have realised from my brief exposure to the digital marketing industry that it is quite a world away from what I was expecting. Therefore, I have provided some information for those considering a career in digital marketing.

  • Know the terminology

Baffled? Frustrated? Are you constantly scratching your head in a cloud of confusion ?
Know the terminologyThe digital marketing industry contains a wide range of jargon that can be very confusing and intimidating for newcomers. With a high number of abbreviations and terms, that has the power to leave you puzzled and in a state of struggle, it is highly recommended that you learn and actually understand the lingo before you sign up for job in digital marketing.
Whether you read a glossary of terms, follow marketing blogs, or study a textbook, any preparation is advantageous to your learning and success. Actually understanding the terminology and definitions will not just significantly benefit both you and your employer, it will highlight your ambition to succeed in the industry. Just how many of the following terms are you familiar with?

CPC” “Keywords” “Hyperlink” “SEO” “Analytics” “Adwords” “Meta-tag” “PPC” “Anchor” “SERP” “PageRank” “Link Building”
  • Social Networking UsersGo Social

Social media blends reality with the virtual world, and if you are not on Facebook and/or Twitter by now, I suggest you sign up, NOW!! While Facebook and Twitter are no doubt beneficial, the lesser known platforms, especially Pinterest and Linkedin, are being increasingly adopted by business owners and managers.
Whereas Facebook is used as a personal outlet with friends and family, Linkedin provides a profile of your professional life, and is increasingly becoming a source employers use to recruit. Often referred to as a ‘digital resume’, Linkedin is an excellent channel for industry networking. Simply sign up, create your profile, including employment history, education, and skills and expertise, add an APPROPRIATE photo (forget the one of you blind drunk at the pub on Saturday night), and begin adding connections. Don’t forget this is a long-term platform, allowing you to build a network throughout your career.
Apart from personal use, social media also exposes you to the world of digital marketing, how businesses attract and engage customers, and develops your industry vocabulary. It is also recommended that you start reading industry blogs to keep up-to-date on the latest news and events. One of my favourites, Mashable (, is very popular, and covers a broad range of interesting topics and stories. Following blogs and keeping knowledgable about the latest happenings is great exposure to all things digital, and will keep you in-the-loop and opinionated within discussion.

  • Experience, experience, experience…

Nothing is more beneficial than hands-on experience. Whether it is an internship or work placement, or even casual blogging if you can’t secure an internship, experience within the industry will provide you with a distinct advantage over other job seekers. No matter the duration, practical experience is a great opportunity to learn the basics from an industry professional, and network with clients and potential future employers.

As securing a job can be extremely competitive, employers are beginning to put more emphasise on experience rather than education. So, if any opportunity presents itself for you to further develop your skills and theoretical learning, take it with both hands. Don’t worry about whether you are getting paid or not, because practical experience is invaluable, and you never know when, and if, another opportunity will arise.
Still interested in digital marketing? The one thing that you should follow is passion. If you are passionate about the digital marketing scene, and believe you have the determination to enhance and develop your skills, then go for it. Reality is now experiencing the true force of the virtual world, and there is no industry thriving more than the digital marketing industry.

[pullquote_left]experience within the industry will provide you with a distinct advantage over other job seekers[/pullquote_left]So, if you are looking to kickstart your digital marketing career, for now:

  1. Learn the industry jargon
  2. Get active on a range of social media platforms
  3. Get out into the real world and gain hands-on experience.

One more thing. Be sure to fill out the information below to view our upcoming Intern Training Tool Kit. It is aimed to provide a detailed understanding of the digital marketing industry, and get you up-to-speed to launch your digital marketing career.

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