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by | Jul 22, 2011

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Today (22nd  July) Google pays tribute to Alexander Calder by presenting the moving mobile.

Alexander Calden Google Doodle 1I remember this artwork to be the most tantalising piece I ever saw in a museum. How can a 6 Year old  resist to the temptation of playing with this thing!

Thanks to Google, I am now authorised to play with Alexander Calder work most famous work.
Alexander Calden Google Doodle 2
The Doodle Let you drag each element of the mobile, moving all pieces to bring the ensemble to equilibrium
Clicking on the mobile will take the visitor to search results for Calder, whose 113rd birth anniversary falls on July 22.
Moving mobile is a type of sculpture that uses the principle of equilibrium, with rods from which weighted objects or further rods hang.
Alexander Calden Google Doodle 2
Google logo marks 113 years since the birth of the original artist, this work was supported by Calder Foundation.
Alexander Calder, American sculptor famous for his work in motion.
Calder worked as a designer, engineer and researcher at the insurance companies in New York and Ohio Misouri.
Between 1922-1924 and was educated in the artistic character StudentsLeague in New York and later at Grande Chaumiere in Paris (1926).
Alexander Calden 1
First spotted for his sculptural decoration of the San Francisco Fair in 1915.
Alexander Calder produced a series of figures named as  “Circus Calder” from 1926. It was a small book in which were represented dancers, clowns and acrobats. His sculptures were brightly colored and expressed a form of surrealism.
His first exhibition took place in 1932, he produced a series of sculptures strongly influenced by avant-garde artists Marcel Duchamp and Hans (Jean) Arp.


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