Consent Mode Implementation: How to Install a Cookie Banner

by | Jul 10, 2024

Consent Mode Implementation How to Install a Cookie Banner
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Learn how to install a cookie banner and implement Consent Mode V2. In this post we’ll cover Consent Mode V2, what it is and how to use it, plus tracking its impact.

While many companies in APAC are behind in terms of data governance, the changes to the Digital Services Act (DSA) and other regulatory changes around data privacy show that we can no longer get by doing nothing. Marketing tools like Google Ads, Analytics and others are now impacting your ability to market and measure your data.

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Consent Mode V2

In March 2024, Google released Consent Mode V2 as an advanced mode of consent mode. V2 is an interface that tells Google what consent the website user has given for using cookies.

  • It only takes effect if your website users refuse cookies
  • If they consent, Google uses its cookies for tracking as usual
  • If you don’t have it and have users within these regions where regulations are, you won’t be able to properly use measurement, ad personalisation, and remarketing features in Google Ads

Consent Mode V2 - how it works

Google Consent Mode enables you to collect anonymised data while respecting user consent that will unlock Google models.

Google Consent Mode - how it works

Cookie Consent Tags

Let’s dive into cookie consent tags and consent types.

Which tags are consent-aware?

cookie consent tags

Consent Types

Let’s dig a little deeper into consent types to learn how this all works.

  • Ad_storage: Enables storage, such as cookies, related to advertising
  • Analytics_storage: Enables storage, such as cookies, related to analytics (for example, visit duration)
  • Functionality_storage: Enables storage that supports the functionality of the website or app such as language settings
  • Personalization_storage: Enables storage related to personalisation such as video recommendations
  • Security_storage: Enables storage related to security such as authentication functionality, fraud prevention, and other user protection
  • Ad_user_data: Sets consent for sending user data related to advertising to Google
  • Ad_personalization: Sets consent for personalised advertising

The top 2 consent types, Ad_storage and Analytics_storage are the most important for marketing teams to unlock basic consent mode. The bottom 2 consent types, Ad_user_data and Ad_personalization are required to unlock Consent Mode V2 (advanced consent mode).

Tags Behaviour Based on Users’ Consent

Tags behaviour based on users consent

Consent Mode Implementation: How to Install a Cookie Banner on Your Website

Consent mode can be easier to implement with consent management platforms.

consent mode can be easier to implement with a consent management platform

We highly recommend using one of the consent management platforms in the CMP Partner Program by Google for much easier consent mode implementation and installation of your cookie banner.

Let’s take OneTrust for example.

7 steps for creating a cookie banner with OneTrust

  1. Scan the site
  2. Create cookie compliance templates
  3. Categorise the cookies
  4. Create and assign geolocation rule groups
  5. Define vendors
  6. Implement the cookie consent script
  7. Block scripts and cookie creation based on user’s consent

The Impact of Cookie Banner Consent

You can evaluate the impact of your cookie banner consent in your Consent Management Platform. Marketers need to take special note of how their customers respond in different countries.

The Impact of Cookie Banner Consent

For example, for one of our clients, we saw that 15% of users in Austria opted out, while 40% of users in Germany opted out of cookies.

This difference can have a huge impact on your data with 85% of users in Austria tracked, while only 60% of traffic and conversions in Germany are able to be tracked.

Need Help?

Need help implementing consent mode, deploying cookie consent tags or just with your data governance in general? Contact us today.

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