Don’t Lose Your Data: Google Analytics Data to be Deleted July 1

by | Apr 17, 2024

Don't lose your data: Google Analytics data to be deleted July 1 2024
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Don’t risk losing your data! Google Analytics or Universal Analytics data will be permanently and irreversibly deleted come July 1, 2024. From July 1 Google will begin turning off all Universal Analytics services and Universal Analytics APIs. Meaning if you haven’t downloaded your historical data correctly you will lose it.

Don’t lose your data

Accessing your historical data after July 1 will be impossible. This is a huge risk for companies relying on past data to make future data-driven decisions. However, it’s not quite as simple as hitting a download button and saving your data.

Download your data now or it will be permanently deleted.

If you’re looking to use the BigQuery integration to export historical data from your Universal Analytics 360 property, we strongly recommend doing this immediately. BigQuery export and backfill of historical data from Universal Analytics 360 properties can only be requested up to and including June 30, 2024. When you initially link an Analytics reporting view to BigQuery, Analytics exports 13 months or 10 billion hits (whichever is smaller) of historical data to BigQuery.

Exporting your data can be a time-consuming and complex task and isn’t as simple as it sounds. Again, it’s not a case of a simple download button and you’re home-free. It’s important that you export your historical UA data correctly.

Need help? Contact us today and we can ensure you always have access to your historical UA data and even stitch your data together with your current Google Analytics 4 data so you can visually compare past and present performance.

What else is disappearing?

Beyond losing your data, the deletion of Universal Analytics on July 1 2024 means settings accessed or used through advertiser or other product integrations will be unavailable.

  • Universal Analytics goals and ecommerce transactions will stop measuring new conversions, including within linked advertising accounts. This may affect ad campaign performance if those conversions are used in combination with Smart Bidding.
  • Universal Analytics audience lists will disappear. This could affect your ad campaign media activation and performance.
  • API requests related to Universal Analytics properties will fail, including deletion of data requests and Looker Studio will not show any Universal Analytics data.
  • Attribution Projects (beta) in Google Analytics will be deleted.

Haven’t fully migrated to Google Analytics 4 yet and worried about losing your historical data? Talk to us today.

Benoit Weber

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