How to find the iOS version in Google Analytics

by | Mar 15, 2023

How iOS 14 May Affect Your Paid Performance
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With the rollout of iOS 14 you may be wondering just how many site visitors you have using an Apple mobile device. With iOS 14 primed to affect your paid performance, you’ll want to look at Google Analytics for the operating system version and check it against performance metrics, such as paid, social, etc. to find out where your iOS users are coming from, get a benchmark and determine how much the new app tracking transparency prompt is affecting your views. Here’s how to find the iOS version in Google Analytics.

Please note this post was updated in September 2023 to work with Google Analytics 4.


How to find the iOS version in Google Analytics

Anyone with Google Analytics 4 can check the iOS version of site visitors. There are numerous ways to get there, but the quickest way to get an overview of how much of your traffic is using an iOS operating system is to:


1. Log in to Google Analytics

2. Click on Reporting

3. Select Tech, then Tech Details

Tech details report in google analytics 4

4. Click on the browser dropdown and click Operating System (you can also choose OS with version or OS version)

Operating system in ga4

Now we can see which operating system people are using to view our website.

ios operating system in google analytics

By selecting ‘OS with version’ we can see what version of iOS our users are using.

OS with version google analytics 4

In this example, we can see that the majority of iOS users are using a version of iOS 16.6 or 16.6.1, which means our paid advertising traffic may be affected by the new app tracking transparency prompt.

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