163% SEO Traffic Growth in 2 Months

A Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events (MICE) Local SEO Case Study

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  • Time constraints (less than 8 weeks to peak booking season)
  • Limited resources
  • Zero tech support/changes possible
  • Low buy-in from management


  • 163% increase in SEO traffic
  • Over 2.1K visits in 2 months
  • Doubled bookings via organic traffic
  • 1st page rankings for most valuable keywords and local keywords

What We Did

The ‘bread and butter’ of SEO. To deliver the results, we operated as follows:

  1. We Screened for the main issues both on-site and off-site.
  2. We rectified issues with their Google Analytics setup and helped them organise goals and track updates.
  3. We found the real money keywords that were able to be lifted. Although their home page was ranking well, our client did not see similar results in their content pages for two valuable keywords (fair search volumes but high potential for conversion).
  4. We fixed on-site items and removed conversion blockers.
  5. We implemented some local SEO activity.
  6. Ran a small content marketing and outreach campaign including the development of an infographic and tailored content to target a highly relevant, seasonally trending search term.

163% local SEO traffic growth in 2 months

Technical SEO Issues we fixed:

  • Duplication of content – their homepage was duplicated three times with different URL’s with the same title.
  • Analysed page speeds and recommended formatting and compression of images.
  • Our client  had 7 blocking script resources and 4 blocking CSS resources. We recommended they utilise Google’s optimisation tools to help them remove blocking resources from above-the-fold content.

Content Marketing by telling their unique story:

  • As the Sydney Masonic Centre, our client has a unique story to tell.
  • We leveraged a rich historical heritage to tell their story, build their authority and create greater awareness. See example infographic below:

163% SEO Traffic Growth in 2 Months


  • We increased SEO traffic by 163% with more than 2.1K visits in 2 just months.
  • We doubled the bookings made from organic traffic
  • We achieved 1st page rankings for most valuable keywords and local keywords

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