Making a Move to Google Analytics 4 - Academia del Futuro Case Study



Making a move to Google Analytics 4 leads to a better understanding of the customer lifecycle


How In Marketing We Trust helped Academia del Futuro implement and configure Google Analytics 4


Increase in integrity and accuracy of data

data unification

Data Unification

Cross-platform data unification: iOS, Android and Web

20 Events

Providing full visibility on the most important interactions including ecommerce


Academia del Futuro (which translates to academy of the future) is a digital learning app for children in Mexico. Focusing on primary level education, Academia del Futuro prides itself on providing the best educational quality, presented by some of the best and brightest minds in the region.

Their offering is based on apps that can be downloaded for Apple or Android devices, and involves a login and paid account. The team had limited visibility on users’ actions on their website and apps. With limited analytics, the team had difficulty understanding their performance and how marketing impacted their bottom line until we were engaged and were able to implement proper measurement across their different platforms to help their marketing team get a better grasp on the customer lifecycle.






Creating a deep understanding of user behaviour across multiple platforms.

Looking for fast implementation, so that they could double down on their data quickly!

Traditionally, it’s been difficult to track users when they access your digital assets across multiple platforms. The team at Academia del Futuro were all too aware of this, so were keen to explore Google Analytics 4 – the new offering that brings platform data together so that users can really start to create a deep understanding of their users over time.

They engaged our team at In Marketing We Trust to help implement and configure their Google Analytics 4 property as they knew they needed an analytics specialist to ensure set up went smoothly and that data started flowing from day one. Three data streams were implemented: iOS, Android and Web.


Fast set up and more integrated analytics means more meaningful customer data for the marketing team.

Providing predictive insights and more in-depth data controls for users accessing multiple devices.

Implementing the Google Analytics 4 property allowed us to help Academia del Futuro access more information on their customers and how they move across different platforms and channels. We worked with the marketing team to redefine all the relevant events during the design phase and implemented them as we moved through the project.

Implementation involved setting up Google Tag Manager across the website and both apps to implement and manage tags on-site without the need for source code modification or app resubmission, as well as collecting data for advertising and analytics tools. A data layer was also implemented to track important information such as registration, form submissions, eCommerce, and other interactions of interest.

Once set up was complete, we were able to show the team where to access the data and how to manipulate it to make it meaningful and to help drive decision making.

Preparing for a cookie-less future

The phasing out of third party tools will begin soon, so we wanted to ensure that Academia del Futuro had a plan that future-proofed their analytics and understanding of their customers. It also assisted them in complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to improve their data governance.

As third party cookies become less common, event-based data and AI will need to work together to provide meaningful data to marketers, so we created a solution that integrated Google Tag Manager to manage data collection, a data layer to ensure registration was tracked and ensured the Google Analytics 4 configuration was set to assist when the time comes.


Unified data management allows for faster, higher quality data for decision making

The most significant change that was brought about by the implementation of Google Analytics 4 was the depth of data that was collected and used to guide business decisions.

The new GA4 implementation has increased Academia del Futuro’s integrity and accuracy of data by 353% based on our internal Integrity & Accuracy report. The report covers 10 areas of digital analytics. Companies analytics implementations are scored based on their configuration, interactions, eCommerce, custom events, advertising tags and more.

Integrity and accuracy of data





Increase in integrity and accuracy of data

data unification

Data Unification

Cross-platform data unification: iOS, Android and Web

20 Events

Providing full visibility of the most important interactions including ecommerce

Full visibility on the most important interactions including eCommerce.

20 events providing full visibility on the most important interactions including eCommerce are now available, with tracking across two mobile apps (iOS & Android) and one website. Being able to identify users across devices provides a new level of understanding.

We ensured that Academia del Futuro could track valuable information across the following areas:

User intelligence

  • Which class was purchased by the parents of the student
  • The class the student started, and if they completed it
  • Exams that were taken, and the student’s score
  • If the student looked at any other courses
  • If the student had seen any of the notifications

eCommerce statistics

  • Which courses were purchased, and by whom
  • Which course was the most popular
  • How much revenue was generated
  • How often courses were added to cart, but then removed or abandoned

Marketing insights

  • Which courses had the highest completion rates
  • Which courses students moved onto next
  • If notifications helped reactivate users
  • Which retargeting campaigns worked best to bring back lapsed users
  • Combining the above to build out personalisation for users

Ultimately, we helped Academia del Futuro to truly understand their users, optimise their app, and improve repeat purchases from existing users.

Working with In Marketing We Trust will give Academia del Futuro the business visibility needed to make data-driven decisions by taking full advantage of our cross-channel and in-app marketing strategies. Being able to measure and understand how our campaigns make an impact, as well as how the user flow within our website and our apps are being used, is crucial for us to improve on a day-to-day basis and ensure that our primary-education app for children is always on the spot whilst learning all about our users’ needs.

Ilana BielakManaging Director: Marketing, Hero Guest and Academia del Futuro

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