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Unifying Sales and Marketing operations for CSR:
the journey to ‘OneCSR’

About the client

CSR Limited is a powerhouse in the building products sector across Australia and New Zealand with a diverse product range that includes renowned brands like Gyprock (plasterboard), Bradford (insulation), PGH Bricks, and various roofing solutions.

CSR has been at the forefront of the energy revolution with a range of environmentally considerate and energy-efficient products, backed by innovation, quality and sustainability.


We’re in pieces: meeting the challenge CSR faced with fragmented sales and marketing across 12 product teams.

CSR was vast in size and this created a key challenge for their sales and marketing department which was fairly disjointed with 12 distinct product teams, each of which operated in isolation. However, the company had a vision to unify sales and marketing functionalities in order to increase their efficiency.

They also faced an issue with a culture of independence, which meant limited knowledge sharing, data dissemination, or technological collaboration.


Diving deeper underground: unearthing challenges from their roots

We started by embarking on in-depth research and analysis into the company to understand exactly what challenges they were grappling with.

Through strategic workshops with all 12 product team marketing leads and IT personnel we were able to dive deep into all aspects of strategy, execution and operations and further used our exclusive framework to understand the thinking behind all marketing operations including creative, campaign, data, tech and reporting.

This meticulous approach helped us create a strategic blueprint that would bridge operational divides.


We’re all in this together: creating a unified vision for the company

To appease the need for both unity as well as individuality, we created a unique and unified vision for CSR entitled: ‘OneCSR’. Through this, we were able to clearly establish which areas required unification and which did not.

We also specifically imbibed the ethos of this vision to be

“Empowering our brands to thrive through unified insights, yet enabling brand-specific customer relationships”.

This helped us outline a balanced strategy that encompassed both centralised and decentralised marketing operations.

The ‘OneCSR’ strategy was built on 5 core pillars which included:

  • Documentation and distribution of knowledge
  • Fostering culture and cadence
  • Implementing a unified strategic framework
  • Data unification
  • Technology unification

With the help of these pillars we were able to build a framework that aligned sales and marketing practices and allowed them to maintain their unique brand identities but at the same time leveraged unified strategies, data, and technology. This not only enables CSR to create a better and more singular customer experience but can also improve commercial performance while adhering to privacy and compliance standards.


By executing the recommended strategies, CSR are able to reduce the overall operational expenditure by an estimated 30% and anticipate a revenue growth of 20%. But the best outcome has been a forecasted increase in digital marketing maturity from 10% to 60%.


Estimated reduction in spend


Anticipated revenue increase


Forecasted increase in digital marketing maturity