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August 24, 2022

The Merging of Organic and Paid Media

Google Free Product Listings Webinar

In this webinar on Google free product listings, learn the difference between free product listings and shopping ads. Free listings currently sit simultaneously outside and in between Organic and Paid Media services. This means it requires multi-disciplinary skill sets and not many are using Google free product listings correctly or optimising for the best performance.

Learn how the marketing objectives for paid and organic listings differ, what influences performance and how optimisation requirements differ for Google free product listings. In this webinar, Elle Hackett, Head of Paid Media, and Tom Ashworth, Head of SEO at In Marketing We Trust will walk you through a testing framework and competitor benchmarking.

On August 24, we’re inviting you to join us with an expert team online to explore



Paul Hewett - TrustED Conf 2021 Vr World Tour

Paul Hewett

Facilitator & Host

Paul is the CEO of data-driven performance agency In Marketing We Trust. Paul has nearly two decades of consulting with enterprise companies on the application of data for marketing performance optimisation and helping large ecommerce companies in highly competitive markets improve online marketing performance, working across more than 40 countries for some of the biggest e-commerce sites online.


Elle Hackett Paid Media Lead IMWT

Elle Hackett

Head of Paid Media

Elle is the Paid Media Lead at Performance agency In Marketing We Trust. She has over 8 years of agency experience working together with many eCommerce & travel businesses to deliver effective marketing campaigns. She loves sharing ideas and prides herself on supporting her team members. Her current focus is providing support and strategy for product development, sales, delivery and training.


Tom Ashworth SEO Lead circle

Tom Ashworth

Head of SEO

Tom is the SEO Lead at In Marketing We Trust. He has over 8 years of experience across all marketing channels on both agency and client side. His current focus on driving SEO performance backed by data-driven decisions aims to provide robust proven solutions alongside emerging technology and trends. He believes marketing should always be thought of holistically to provide the best results across all touch points to benefit the customers as well as the client.

We will cover:

  • The language for searches
  • Product title structures
  • Product image best practices
  • Price competitiveness
  • Reporting

You will get actionable steps on Google free product listings and learn how to set up Google Merchant Center free listings for success, how to monitor the health of the feeds and how to increase engagement across the full suite of your free listings across Google Shopping.

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