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Getting prepared for Google Analytics 4.

The new analytics solution from Google, GA4, enables businesses to understand the complex, multi-platform journeys of their customers – while prioritising user privacy. This change is to keep pace with today’s modern measurement landscape.

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If you haven’t set up your analytics correctly, you’re in danger of losing both valuable insights and marketing dollars.

GA4 implementation matters more than ever

GA4 is a new technology to the majority of digital marketers and agencies – but not to In Marketing We Trust. As a Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, we are amongst only 20 companies in Australia that have been certified by Google to implement your new GA4 solution.

Google Universal Analytics is being retired in 2023. We have already migrated dozens of companies from Universal Analytics to GA4. In fact, your Universal Analytics account will stop processing new data permanently from 1st July 2023. This means you will no longer be able to analyse or report on web performance from this date using your current analytics solution. Instead, you will be required to use GA4.

Benefits of Google Analytics 4

  • Understand customers across multiple touchpoints (web + app)
  • Improve ROI with data-driven attribution
  • Measure engagement and conversation with compliance in mind
  • Greater value and utilisation from your data (AI)
  • Ability to turn insights into actions
  • Better (structure) alignment with enterprise companies
  • Enhanced data collection capabilities
  • No sampling
  • Native BigQuery integration
  • Advanced in platform analysis

What's the difference?

Universal Analytics and GA4 are different products with different features.

GA4 has a brand new user interface, providing a completely new reporting experience:

  • LESS standard reporting options
  • NO views in GA4
  • Increased reporting capabilities
  • In-platform AI capability
  • Enhanced AI & ML via GCP  
  • Advanced in-platform analysis (analysis hub)
  • Requires more configuration
  • Requires more knowledge to use

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See the Results: Academia del Futuro

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Google Analytics 4 leads to a better understanding of the customer lifecycle

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Working with In Marketing We Trust will give Academia del Futuro the business visibility needed to make data-driven decisions by taking full advantage of our cross-channel and in-app marketing strategies. Being able to measure and understand how our campaigns make an impact, as well as how the user flow within our website and our apps are being used, is crucial for us to improve on a day-to-day basis and ensure that our primary-education app for children is always on the spot whilst learning all about our users’ needs.

Ilana BielakManaging Director: Marketing, Hero Guest & Academia del Futuro

Our Google Analytics 4 Solutions

GA4 is less “out of the box” than Universal Analytics and requires data engineering experience. We provide full GA4 implementation and configuration services, including migration support, training and custom solutions.

Implementing Google Analytics 4 from scratch allows us to give marketers access to greater information on their customers and how they move across different platforms and channels, even as the digital world prepares for a cookie-less future.

We recommend implementing GA4 using Google Tag Manager. This facilitates the maintenance, control and deployment of tags without having to modify the source code or resubmit your app. In addition to collecting all relevant and permissible data for advertising and analytics tools, we can also help you implement the required data layer to track events such as registration, form submissions, transactions and further interactions of interest.

Well-defined Google Analytics 4 process

Google Analytics 4 implementation

The Prepare and Discover phases help us to understand your needs, requirements and objectives along with your current analytics setup. Based on what we learned during the two initial phases, our team will then be able to design the solution that fixes and improves your data collection processes based on what you are trying to achieve. Once we have defined the solutions to your requirements in the design phase we then implement them efficiently and logically.

Once set up is complete, we provide training on how to use the tool and how to activate the data. This includes how to make that data meaningful and how to use it to inform decision making.

As Google rapidly phase out third-party cookie use, we ensure that the brands we work with future-proof their analytics, whilst complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

Our Solutions

We offer three different levels of GA4 implementation solutions depending on your requirements:


For companies that simply want advice.

Our GA4 analysts can consult and advise your in-house development or analytics team on GA4 configuration.


  • Analytics technology advisory
  • Design and implementation advisory
  • Website privacy advisory & consulting
  • Troubleshooting


For companies that want support or delivery.

Have confidence in your analytics. Get your analytics migrated by one of the only certified partners in Australia.


  • Show: we’ll show you what to do 
  • Support: we provide the plan and QA
  • Deliver: we take care of everything

See our Google Analytics 4 Migration page for further details.


For companies that want to learn.

GA4 includes powerful new features. Our certified GA4 specialist will help your team maximise the value of the platform.


  • Getting Started with GA4


  • GA4 Advanced (Group)
  • GA4 Advanced (Individual Company)

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"When it came time to get our analytics in shape, In Marketing We Trust was the obvious choice. Given the nature of our business – we move fast and are making significant changes to the platform on a regular basis – we knew we needed to trust the data... but after some of the changes we’d made to flows across the platform our analytics broke, and we began to lose faith in the accuracy of our data. It was important to gain back trust in our data so that we could use it to properly identify next steps as we continue to iterate.

While we have an internal team that is savvy, they’re also time poor and weren’t able to give this project the time it needed, which is where Ben from In Marketing We Trust came along. He was clearly very well versed in all things analytics and was able to quickly jump in and make recommendations on how to fix some of the issues that had been caused. And once he’d made the fixes, he was incredibly diligent when it came to sharing how he’d done so with the team so that they could learn."

Taryn WilliamsFounder & CEO,