Google Tag Manager Audit & Implementation

Good decisions demand good data

While Google Tag Manager is a blessing for savvy digital marketers, poorly managed tags negatively impact user experience and data accuracy. Our tagging specialist can help avoid this and do so cheaper than you can yourself. GTM often breaks or provide inaccurate data or just get overly clunky.

Most common reasons why Google Tag Manager can break:

Google Tag Manager Audit - Pre Fixes visualisation

GTM Pre Fixes

  • too many cooks in the kitchen updating and changing tags
  • Structural changes on the site
  • A forgetful dev that wipes out your GTM main tag or the data layer
  • Change of staff/agencies with no documentation
  • Incorrect initial setup
  • Abandoned tracking experiments
  • GTM version upgrades

In Marketing We Trust has worked on google tag manager audit and fixes for large and complex sites with well over hundreds of tags. We’ve developed a process to quickly identify errors, inconsistencies and validate against optimal implementation structures.

Our Google Tag Manager Audit includes:

Google Tag Manager Audit - Post Fixes visualisation

GTM Post Fixes

  1. Kick off meeting with relevant teams to discuss specific requirements and concerns
  2. Comprehensive audit of GTM configurations
  3. Validate current implementation against a “Measurement plan” (see Google Analytics audit)
  4. Meeting with stakeholders
  5. Visualisation of Container structure and dependencies
  6. Redesign of Container structure and taxonomy
  7. Structured recommendations for improvement
  8. Depending on the scope. Either implement recommendations or provide support & quality checks to ensure your team implement the right changes.

Regardless of the complexity of your implementation, our sensible hierarchy and easy to understand taxonomy help your tag implementation remain understandable and easy to manage and communicate with the rest of the organisation and 3rd parties.

Tag management is a highly specialised function at the crossroad of web engineering, data analysis and business/product expertise. Our team live and breath Javascript debugging and finding clever ways to enrich data layers and data sources.

Working With Your Team

Unlike most Google Tag Manager Audits, we don’t stop at the report. One of our key values is GSD (Get Stuff Done). We don’t just send you a report of what to fix; we help your team implement changes and quality check their work. Alternatively, we’d be happy to just do it ourselves, as it’s often faster. No matter which option you chose, we will share our knowledge with your team.

To start your Google Tag Manager Audit, get in touch today.