River Kim is an SEO Specialist with ATL & BTL marketing experience who stepped into the SEO world after discovering the beauty of the data-driven, strategic decision-making process. At In Marketing We Trust, River’s client base includes Expedia, Ox Street, Globus, Veolia, Mitre10, Design10, Castlery, Destination Gold Coast, BOYY. In her time here, she has enjoyed auditing her clients’ digital assets, finding the best solutions to maximise their performance and helping them achieve their marketing goals.

For her, the most fulfilling moments as an SEO Specialist involve making smart decisions based on data and figuring out the cause of the issue and solutions after focused research and data analysis. She says she loves learning new things by being part of the ever-changing industry and looks forward to furthering her growth as an all-rounder Digital Marketer with comprehensive Digital Marketing intelligence.

At work, she’s famous for being quirky and loves sharing funny gifs and emojis with her colleagues while outside the office she loves spending time with family and friends or with her nose buried in a good book. Or maybe even indulging in her questionable food choice of maccas french fries dipped in a soft vanilla cone.