Remie is In Marketing We Trust’s People and Culture Executive, focusing primarily on employee engagement, retention and satisfaction. As a person, she’s deeply interested and invested in the psychology of people and discovering what makes them tick. A big part of her job entails ensuring that the culture of In Marketing We Trust is seen and felt by both every member of the team and external stakeholders engaging with the business.

While her career started in an Executive Assistant role, she soon discovered a natural interest and affinity with Human Resources. Her specific professional interests are leadership and mentoring, staff retention, staff psychology and employee engagement. At work, she enjoys having strategic 121s with Martin, maintaining a direct connection with team mates, and decompressing in between tasks by reading the humorous internal Slack channels. Known as a bubbly personality who radiates positivity, Remie’s favourite thing about the organisation is that it’s a place where individuals are encouraged to act audaciously and put forward their unique perspectives.

Outside the office, Remie frequents the Gold Coast’s HOTA markets on Sundays, sings at gigs and cuddles her toy poodle, Yumi. She loves creating cover music, hates crocodiles and if you’re out for a walk with her, just make sure you don’t lag behind because slow walkers are one of her pet peeves.