With nearly 20 years of experience in data and digital marketing, Paul has made a lasting impact in the industry through various leadership roles in agencies and industry associations. Throughout his career, he has held several prominent industry positions, including the Chair of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA) Council for West England & Wales, Institute of Data & Marketing (IDM) Council Member, Institute of Director (IoD) Policy Committee Member and currently serves on the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Data Council.

He joined In Marketing We Trust in 2016 and today is the company’s CEO. As the CEO of IMWT, his primary responsibility is to lead the organisation towards achieving its objective of becoming an embedded partner and data-driven digital marketing agency for hundreds of ambitious brands across the globe. His ultimate ambition is to build an agency optimised for growth in a competitive global market. His long-term goals include establishing a group of digital marketing businesses, serving on the boards of these businesses, and influencing the industry through involvement in leading associations.

His core values that drive every business decision he makes are based on trust and pride, emphasising accountability, transparency, innovation, excellence, connectedness, and social responsibility. His skills and strengths include a strong technical knowledge of digital marketing, data, and analytics, as well as leadership, teamwork, operational management, business and marketing strategy, commercial development, and corporate finance and accounting.

One of Paul’s passions in life, apart from his work, are guitars. An avid collector and enthusiast, he’s had the unique distinction of playing concerts with several well-known punk bands from the Noughties. People often refer to the marketing industry as a three ring circus, and that’s where Paul’s experience at his first job of working front-of-house and teaching circus skills at a circus must surely come in handy. Well, one thing’s for certain, this ringmaster certainly keeps everyone on their toes.