An SEO Specialist, Oum is a dedicated professional with a proven track record of success in online business marketing, focusing specifically on Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for almost 20 years. His expertise lies in technical SEO, developing content strategies, driving website traffic, and improving online presence through the implementation of social media strategies. Over the years he’s worked as an in-house SEO specialist for a large travel OTA as well as with various digital agencies on projects for small and large organisations.

Over the past 2 years at In Marketing We Trust, Oum has handled clients like Castlery, Ebos, Expedia, Globus, Orana, and Comestri among others. He has created engaging and productive websites for his clients that have increased search engine rankings and attracted more traffic. He loves the fact that his job always throws up new challenges and gives him the opportunity to learn new things.

Outside the office, he loves travelling and listening to music while at the office, he’s infamous for being too quiet. We think we should probably put that to the test, especially after a few pints of beer.