Miroslav is a seasoned professional with 20+ years of expertise in digital marketing, including search engine optimisation (SEO), online advertising, conversion rate optimisation, content marketing, email marketing, social media marketing, influencer marketing, digital marketing strategy, and business strategy. With a strong background in technical and international SEO, Miroslav, born in Slovakia and living in Hungary, spent most of his career in an English-speaking business environment, building and operating his own websites, creating and managing an SEO agency, and advising hundreds of clients worldwide.

At In Marketing We Trust, Miroslav is an SEO Specialist who’s been a part of the agency since 2018, working on clients such as Castlery, Mitre10, Gumtree, Swissphone, Langtons, oOh! Media, Verisure, CEO Magazine, among others. Always up for a challenge and on the lookout for variety in everything he does, Miroslav is known for being detail-oriented, dedicated to delivering exceptional results and driving innovation in the SEO industry.

At work, he loves interacting with his colleagues and learning from them, while working around time differences and outside of work his interests lie in skiing, gardening and sustainability. His most favourite food combination is waffles with honey and garlic (we’re not judging) and is known for being the ‘old guy’ at the office (his words, not ours).