Frederic Chanut is the Founder and Chief Innovation Officer at In Marketing We Trust, where he has been leading innovation efforts for over a decade. With a client list that includes Coca-Cola, Expedia, Salesforce, Bayer, eBay Group, Citibank, and the Etihad Group, Frederic drives revenue and business value by developing new products and services that match the ever-evolving landscape of digital marketing. He is also in charge of M&A and is looking for promising businesses to invest in.

As the head of innovation, Frederic brings concepts to life with a mix of excitement, resourcefulness, and a willingness to embrace uncertainty. He is passionate about building a product arm that matches the agency side of the business, making In Marketing We Trust a top independent player in the APAC region. In addition to his work in marketing and innovation, Frederic is also involved in charity work. He is constantly looking for new challenges, professionally and in the name of charity.

His most exciting adventures involve taking impractical and underpowered vehicles into biblical remoteness, using his resourcefulness and innovative thinking to overcome the challenges of the terrain and the vehicles. You’ll find Frederic indulging his interests in classical music, sailing, cooking, and planning his next adventure outside of work.