Benoit Weber has been a part of the team at In Marketing We Trust since 2015 and as the Head of Digital Analytics, he is a specialist in tools such as Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, and Looker Studio. Benoit has worked with many prominent brands like Gumtree, Salesforce, Expedia, Coca-Cola, Integrity Life, Open Colleges, Globus family of brands, Siteminder, Pointhacks, Greenpeace and Corelogic, among others, bringing his expertise and passion for maintaining data integrity, governance, and tracking to the table.

As the Head of Analytics, he is responsible for delivery and services for the stream including Governance, Tech Support, Innovation, Data Visualisation, Reporting, Strategy and Consulting. He also manages a team of analysts who are responsible for collecting, analysing, and reporting data to clients. His favourite part of his job is finding creative solutions to challenging issues, discovery and design, while his least favourite part is chasing people too many times. In the industry, he looks up to Simo Ahava and Barbara Pezzi.

Outside the office, he loves training as well as swimming, gardening and riding slowly on his motorbike (quite the daredevil, he is). His fear for spiders is well known and what gets him most excited is Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. Well, you know what they say, you can separate the Analyst from the office, but you can’t separate the analytics from him.