Over the past 9 years, Albert has worked with over 15 startups in growth and analytics including Simply Wall St, Vero, TinyBeans, GlamCorner, Airtasker and more. From marketplace to eCommerce, B2C & B2B SaaS, NFT and FinTech, he has worked across industries, flexing his considerable skills in SEO, product-led growth, performance marketing, business intelligence, product analytics and marketing automation. At In Marketing We Trust, he’s working on taking new B2B SaaS products to the market that will make the life of marketers easier. He says the best part about his job is the opportunity to leverage data, insights and marketing to grow the company’s profits while solving customer’s pain points.

He loves the fact that his job constantly changes, challenging him to keep learning and keep up with new technology. At work he loves listening to music and drinking about 2 litres of water everyday while outside the office, he has a long list of unusual hobbies that include trying weird food including insects, live octopus and more, pursuing adrenaline pumping activities like skydiving, bungee jumping, riding rollercoasters and collecting swag from start-ups and tech companies.

He definitely tops the list of weird food combinations with combos like ramen burger, pasta on pizza, crickets taco, ant cocktail and sushi burritos (!). But if you really want to scare the guy, just offer him something super spicy – ghost peppers, chillies and ghosts seem to be what sends chills down his spine.