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Unification of analytics brings confidence and direction for talent agency, theright.fit

About the client

theright.fit is an online marketplace that brings brands and talent together. With 7,000+ fully screened, professional talent from around the globe, they specialise in placing models, actors, influencers, presenters, photographers (and more).

Launched in 2016, by Taryn Williams (tech entrepreneur, and CEO and Founder of WINK models) theright.fit is a disruptor focused on revolutionising the modelling and talent industry by removing hidden commissions and bias, while empowering the platform’s users with information and facts that help inform their next job and casting requirements.

It’s a community-centric platform that makes booking talent simple, quick, and seamless; and for this reason the data needs to be spot on. While the team at theright.fit are savvy, they’re also busy iterating as the platform evolves, so they decided to engage the team at In Marketing We Trust to get their data and analytics running seamlessly too.



Customer insights and analytics capabilities needed to be improved for platform iteration and board reporting

Using analytics to iterate and improve theright.fit’s platform

As a fast-paced start up, the team at theright.fit are constantly iterating to improve the platform. As they make improvements frequently, they noticed these changes had broken some of the analytics their tools were gathering and this caused them to lose faith in the integrity of the data. In addition to this, they had seen some staff turnover in recent times, and the lack of documentation of their processes and set up meant that some knowledge had been lost. 

Being a tech savvy team, they had a good idea of  what they needed, but didn’t have the time or analytics expertise to implement the changes that would get them back on the right track. For this reason, they wanted a true data analytics expert to provide strategies to ensure they were optimising their analytics, along with data governance and guidance.

Reporting customer insights and progress to the board

theright.fit has a board of directors and reporting is delivered to them on a regular basis. Providing customer insights and updates on how the platform is tracking is essential, yet the uncertainty about the accuracy of the data meant there was no surety when providing this information, which was not what the team needed as it did not inspire confidence.


Unification of all data streams, no matter the source, to make analytics simple

Putting analytics program governance in place

It was important to set up a governance program for theright.fit so that optimal performance was achieved. This involved the creation of a set of rules and processes that would guide data within theright.fit, based around three guiding principles:

  1. Know the tools you use, and delete the others
  2. Own your tools, and own your data
  3. People + tools = impact

Implementing the right tags and setting up measurement

We began by digging to understand the current set up, and found that the team were right to be concerned. Tools were not fully configured and there were inconsistencies across them, which was only exacerbated by the lack of documentation available. In doing this investigation, we determined that the brief was not quite right for the client’s needs and were able to adjust the scope before diving into our solution.

Given these findings, we were able to create a strategy that was based on simplicity and giving control back to theright.fit, execute on it by removing unneeded tools from the ecosystem to streamline data capture, and adding in tags so that Google Tag Manager (GTM) could become the single source of truth, and then provide the team with clear, concise information for the future.

Training the team so they could take over

Once the tags were in place, GTM was tracking everything the team required, and documentation had been created, In Marketing We Trust took the team through the process and showed them how to deploy, maintain and control the GTM tags so they could update or add them independently in the future. Client feedback showed that it was a really great handover process and the internal team felt empowered to take this on themselves moving forward.

At In Marketing We Trust, we love it when clients upskill and are able to take on digital tasks themselves. If you’re going to lose a client, this is definitely the best way for that to happen! 

How we approached the solution

There were quite a few steps involved in executing on this project, some of which included:

  • Reviewing the existing analytics tools and set up
  • Creating a plan and having it approved by theright.fit, which encompassed:
    • Data governance
    • Removal of unneeded tools and tracking
    • Reconfiguration of analytics and GTM set up, including a data layer to share user interactions
    • Tags strategy and conventions
    • Measurement, across revenue and customer usage
  • Implementing the strategy to unify data
  • Documenting tags as a record for the future
  • Training the marketing and development teams so they could take over the work

There were so many factors that needed to be considered when approaching this project including improving data accuracy and reducing the risk of errors, streamlining the process of tagging, creating robust documentation, and training the team.

“I realised a few things quickly when working with the team at theright.fit – they had a strong sense of what was needed and were technically savvy, but there was also a disconnect between what they thought they wanted and what would ultimately deliver them the best results. Together we were able to adjust our scope of work and create a simple, yet highly effective plan to unify their analytics.

It was a pleasure to work with a team that were open to ideas and who were engaged in the process. We couldn’t have achieved such positive outcomes if it had not been for theright.fit’s team – it’s important to remember that data is nothing without people to drive it, and they worked alongside us to ensure they got the results they needed.” 

Ben Weber / Analytics Specialist / In Marketing We Trust





A single point of review for data builds trust and provides clarity and time savings

We were able to move from many analytics tools across a variety of platforms and integrate into one unified platform – GTM – to track information easily and accurately for theright.fit. 

In doing so, we ensured that disruption to the business was minimal – we engaged the right people, at the right time, and ensured future hires would have the information we’d created easily accessible, which in turn helps them get up to speed more quickly. The provision of concise, well structured documentation allowed room for internal knowledge growth and team empowerment, so that theright.fit didn’t need to be reliant on In Marketing We Trust to own and manage their data – something that was vitally important to them. 

Making these changes has created more time for the team to focus on their core business, while better defined data capture allows for clear, easy-to-interpret analytics that help guide future iterations and inform the board. 

The most important result was one that you can’t put a dollar figure on – trust in the data that was flowing in from the platform. As theright.fit’s Founder and CEO Taryn Williams says “Confidence in the data was a real joy.”

Data Unification

Conversions unified across 4 platforms (Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn)

Client-side Analytics

Migration of Google Analytics and Amplitude from server-side to client-side

20 New Events

New data-layer events to track events client-side

Full Tool Ecosystem Documentation

Client can now take back control of data and grow expertise in-house

According to Taryn, “Freddy (In Marketing We Trust’s Chief Innovation Officer) was recommended to me a few years back to do some advisory work for us, so when it came time to get our analytics in shape, In Marketing We Trust was the obvious choice. 

Given the nature of our business – we move fast and are making significant changes to the platform on a regular basis – we knew we needed to trust the data… but after some of the changes we’d made to flows across the platform our analytics broke, and we began to lose faith in the accuracy of our data. It was important to gain back trust in our data so that we could use it to properly identify next steps as we continue to iterate.

While we have an internal team that is savvy, they’re also time poor and weren’t able to give this project the time it needed, which is where Ben from In Marketing We Trust came along. He was clearly very well versed in all things analytics and was able to quickly jump in and make recommendations on how to fix some of the issues that had been caused. And once he’d made the fixes, he was incredibly diligent when it came to sharing how he’d done so with the team so that they could learn.”