Sold Out Tours in 6 Months: How Globus Pivoted from International to Domestic Travel in 2020 and Won

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Sold Out Tours in 6 Months: How Globus Pivoted from International to Domestic Travel in 2020 and Won


In Marketing We Trust developed a robust digital marketing strategy that made a big impact during times of COVID-19 uncertainty




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Globus family of brands (Group Voyagers Inc) is the largest tour operator in the world. Specialising in river cruises, and escorted and independent holidays; prior to COVID-19 they provided services to almost 50,000 passengers each year. Offering more than 500 different itineraries, across 30 businesses, Globus has been a leader in travel for over 90 years.

When COVID-19 shut down international travel, the ANZ team needed to pivot quickly, turning to domestic travel within Australia and New Zealand to offer holidays within people’s homelands. By July 2020, Globus had created tours for locations such as Tasmania, The Great Ocean Road, and the North and South Islands of New Zealand.







Changing the way regional customers saw Globus’ offerings through domestic travel.

Globus had big plans around offering domestic itineraries that they had developed to pivot during COVID-19, and were looking for help to define and execute a strong digital strategy to bring their tours to life.

Bring Globus tours to Australians and New Zealanders in their own countries

Traditionally, Globus customers in the ANZ region booked tours to Europe, South America, Asia, and Africa; but when COVID-19 shut down international travel, these bookings halted. With borders closed for an indeterminate period of time, Globus needed to pivot and bring the tours to clients in their home countries. 

Attracting customers in uncertain times

Globus designed 14 tours, and then the hard work began – selling their Australian and New Zealand customers on travel at home, when they’d traditionally looked abroad for their adventures. 

Efforts were needed to create a full-scale digital marketing strategy that focused on the beauty of domestic travel in 2020 and 2021 to help scratch the travel itch while borders remained closed. 


Achieving big results from small dollars, using optimised digital strategies and experts in their fields.

Having worked with Globus for many years, we knew we could offer a full-scale solution that helped them remain relevant during turbulent times.

Reaching your goals is easy when you have the right help

We assisted Globus in reaching their goal of selling a range of Australian and New Zealand-based domestic holidays to customers from within the region. 

We began by creating a digital strategy that focused primarily on:

  • SEO
  • SEM
  • Video

With a budget fluctuating between $5,000 and $60,000 per month, we created flexible execution points that could be changed quickly to ensure we were maximising spend and bringing the right audience to their websites.

How we got there

Our SEO experts researched the interest and volume of search trends for local tourism destinations. These insights were then used to create ads that sold the opportunity of seeing some of Australia and New Zealand’s best sights while living in a world with no international travel.

Our search engine marketing experts worked to structure Google ad search campaigns, ad groups, and keywords and match types (across four separate accounts), to create the most value for money for the client.

Display ads were created to appear across Google’s extensive display network and YouTube clips were created by Globus’ creative team and we uploaded them into Video Campaigns, as we knew that harnessing the power of YouTube would allow audiences to develop a hunger to travel at home.


Booking out tours via strong digital strategy and first class execution

In the six months from October 2020 to April 2021, we achieved more than 1,900 conversions for Globus (900+) and Cosmos AU (1,000).

Having previously worked to automate sales and marketing analytics for Globus, we provided data that measured campaign success in a meaningful way for presentation to the senior leadership team.

increase in conversions





Click-through rate


Video view rate

Booking out tours around the region starts with good conversion metrics

Cultivating robust conversion rates

Our team of experts built Google Ads campaigns that converted at 10% for click-through and a conversion rate of almost 4% from November 2020 to March 2021.

Using YouTube as a tool for education

Video is a powerful medium, and YouTube ads can be an important part of top-of-funnel activity for businesses, as they attract the attention of potential customers and can start telling a brand story that will entice them to learn more. During the six month campaign period, we achieved a view rate of 24% for Globus.

Our main focus is now definitely on domestic business. And surprisingly, while we thought it would be predominantly previous Globus family of brands customers, a high percentage of passengers booked on our domestic products are new to the company. We curated our new domestic tours with Aussies and Kiwis in mind. Our inbound tours previously only catered to international customers who wanted to visit iconic sights, so our new products are very different, and overall our domestic clients have responded well. We are also doing our best to support all the local operators and businesses who have been greatly impacted by the bushfires and COVID-19, and In Marketing We Trust has helped us do so.

Louise PercyConsumer & Ecommerce Marketing Manager, Globus family of brands

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