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Smashed targets and lowered marketing costs with optimised advertising on social

About the client

Point Hacks is an agile online business that provides an affiliate credit card website offering its users Australia’s best frequent flyer deals and credit cards rewards. Point Hacks’ goal is to provide Australians with the best guides, deals and advice to make travel more affordable.

Their MarTech team’s resources were being deployed across numerous projects and they needed specialist input on social media advertising to take their campaigns on Facebook to a new level. Lowering marketing spend and increasing conversion rates with better-targeted traffic from Facebook would strengthen the position of the business during a difficult period for the travel sector.


Make Facebook ads work hard for Points Hacks, not Points Hacks work hard for Facebook

Deliver Point Hacks better quality traffic with a lower marketing investment

Point Hacks marketing team had a lot on their plate and were unable to dedicate the required time to social media advertising to really maximise the potential from their audiences on Facebook and Instagram. The company’s streamlined MarTech team were wearing multiple hats, planning and executing their marketing tactics across numerous verticals simultaneously, without the dedicated focus of a digital marketing specialist in their Facebook Business Suite.

Taking paid social strategy from good to great

Paid social media advertising was not performing badly for Point Hacks, but it was evident when In Marketing We Trust began working with them that specialist channel knowledge and experience would dramatically improve performance. 

The obstacles to overcome included underperforming ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment), high CPA (Cost Per Acquisition), minimal audience segmentation, minimal campaign structure and a lack of client-side bandwidth. The challenge was to boost conversion rates while slashing the cost per acquisition on Facebook.



Testing and continual improvement by digital specialists builds the foundations to increase marketing performance

Achieving your goals becomes easier when you get the right advice

In Marketing We Trust helped Point Hacks to get their Facebook media spend working hard for them – and not the other way round – by optimising campaign structure and ad settings. 

We put the building blocks in place for continually improving Point Hacks’ paid Facebook advertising with a testing and learning process which would ultimately:

  • Increase CTR (click-through-rate)
  • Increase CvR (conversation rate)
  • Lower the CPA (cost per acquisition)
  • Improve understanding of Facebook audience segments
  • Define priority target audience segments
  • Create an optimised base Facebook campaign structure and format

How we got there

With every client we work with, testing and continual improvement are the foundations of how we increase marketing performance. In order to meet the specific KPIs which we defined with Point Hacks, our initial focus was on the immediate Facebook campaign optimisation requirements, while also ensuring that valuable insights were gathered to build an effective paid social media advertising campaign process.

It was important to design a robust and comprehensive testing programme from the word go, so this was the first step we took with the client. We then created multiple campaign creatives and formats and defined a nested audience structure from customers and fans to lookalike audiences.

We also put a live management and optimisation process in place to rapidly improve campaign performance. We delivered intelligence through post-campaign analysis in order to inform improved future iterations of the strategy.

As is often the case with online businesses in the travel sector, our client Point Hacks is a streamlined operation. They were looking for expertise to guide their busy MarTech team with a greater focus on Facebook advertising. We knew we could offer specialised advice to lift their campaign performance on this valuable channel.


Working strategically based on comprehensive testing and a new live optimisation process leads to a 182% increase in performance

A practical approach has seen the client notably grow their business

In addition to an enhanced campaign structure designed around the results of a comprehensive testing protocol, the live optimisation process allowed us to continually iterate the format and targeting of the social adverts over the lifespan of the campaign.

Audience testing revealed optimal and maximum lookalike audience threshold and also allowed us to map out priority segmentation by gender and age range. This enabled the definition of an “out of the blocks” campaign format and audience targeting.

By analysing live campaign data we directed budget into the best-performing adverts resulting in a 182% increase in performance against the benchmark campaign. We also achieved a 14% performance gain through format testing.


uplift in performance vs benchmark


performance gain through format testing


Greater understanding of customers