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Reaching niche audiences with Google Ads to help farmers protect their crops

About the client

FMC is a growing agricultural sciences company with a core focus on developing crop protection technologies. They produce and sell insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, seed dressings, regulants, and spray oils for this and a variety of other farming purposes.

FMC is driven by innovation and is committed to discovering new active ingredients, product formulations and application technologies. Their target customers are farmers, agronomists, private consultants, and resellers of farming products; and ensuring these customers were reached by digital marketing efforts was an area in which they needed help from the experts at In Marketing We Trust.


Targeting a niche audience across Australia with a small budget

Reaching the right audiences

FMC has a very specific audience made up of farmers, agronomists, private consultants, and resellers of farming products; and they are spread across a number of regional areas throughout Australia. From a total population of more than 26 million people, FMC was only looking to target 150,000 – 200,000 of them.

Given the specific usage of the products FMC produces and sells, they were keen to ensure that people didn’t see the ads unless they were relevant to them. For example, people in metro areas of the country needed to be excluded.  

Support was needed to set up and manage Google Ads campaigns

FMC had not used Google Ads before. And while they had a YouTube channel with a handful of videos uploaded, they had not yet explored promoting them. 

The videos that had been created were based around education and best practice spraying methods, to help with the consideration phase of the buyer journey. 


Create campaigns that find people in the right locations at the right time

Get set for success with planning and testing

To begin with, we needed to set up a Google Ads account and link it to the FMC YouTube channel. After this, we could then set up three individual video campaigns and test what worked, such as video length.

We found that there was an increase in views when shorter video clips were uploaded and used as part of these campaigns, and as one of the FMC marketing team noted “I think we have had the best performance on viewership so far… the targeting is working and obviously the videos are really done properly for the audience.

We were able to share that shorter 17-60 second videos were drawing viewers in, while longer 3-minute+ videos worked better at providing educational information to the viewer. Using these in combination can be useful in moving a potential customer through the funnel to conversion.

Reach the right people, at the right place with the right message

Because the budgets for this activity were relatively small, it was particularly important to ensure that the targeting was spot on. 

The team here at In Marketing We Trust ensured that the right people were targeted in the right areas by using geo-placement, custom website visits, and custom keywords to build relevant audience groups for the ads.

In addition to this, seven videos of varying lengths were used to reach this audience and ensure they were receiving the right message for their needs.

Reach the right people, in the right place with the right message – this is vital when putting valuable marketing dollars to good use. SEM allows us to target audiences with very specific characteristics, which helps ensure that messaging is relevant and timely, while also reducing wastage.

How In Marketing We Trust approached the solution

To help FMC achieve their goals of increased traffic to their website and video views, we took the following steps:

  1. Worked with FMC to understand the full extent of their requirements, their expertise, their industry and products
  2. Provided a plan of action, which was discussed with the FMC team
  3. Set up Google Ads and linked their existing YouTube channel
  4. Determined bespoke audience targeting to hit their niche market
  5. Created and oversaw the running of Video and Display ads, optimising the audiences regularly to ensure the most ideal people were being targeted 
  6. Provided ad hoc campaign reporting and insights back to the business, including a Looker Studio Dashboard, so that FMC could see their results at any time
  7. Created a remarketing audience that could be reused for future campaigns

FMC is a fast-growing business, with an important role to play in the Australian agricultural space. Their key customers are spread all over the country, and given the niche area that FMC sits within, it was important to ensure we targeted the right people – to drive education and knowledge of their insecticide products. 



Adding Google Ads to the marketing mix leads to increased website traffic and awareness

During the course of the three campaigns run we delivered 8 million impressions; 76,000 clicks to the FMC website and over 180,000 video views.

These impressions, clicks and views were delivered to people in key, rural locations throughout Australia, boosting the awareness of FMC to relevant audiences.

Off the back of a successful set of campaigns for FMC in 2022, we are moving ahead with a new set of insecticide promotions in 2023, keeping FMC top of mind across major horticulture regions.


million impressions




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