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Maintaining Momentum During Departure of Long-serving Digital Marketing Manager

About the client

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia is Sydney’s leader in non-invasive cosmetic medicine. They were established in 2000 by cosmetic physician Dr Garry Cussell with a focus on results, research, development and superior client service. RCA have medical skincare clinics in Sydney’s CBD, Barangaroo and Chatswood with teams of highly skilled doctors, registered nurses and clinicians using some of the most advanced technology and trusted techniques in the world.

RCA provides skin tightening, lifting and strengthening, skin repair and rejuvenation, injectables, body contouring, permanent hair removal, tattoo removal as well as beauty and skincare products.

They also run Specialist Clinics of Australia which provides a range of expert medical treatments such as Dermatology, Gynaecology, Skin Cancer & Snoring Treatments at their locations.


Take over from a departing long-serving internal marketing manager to facilitate consolidation of knowledge and provide continuity of digital performance.


A hard deadline for handover meant that a lot of earned knowledge would have been lost without a specialist being able to document the internal resources’ long-term history and processes across multiple streams of work. Getting this done in a couple of days allowed historical information to be collected, BAU to continue while also setting up to streamline existing processes in line with the company’s goals moving forward. 


The previous setup was based upon existing processes and multiple changes in company direction rather than a holistic view using best practices. With marketing stream experts coming in with fresh eyes it provided an opportunity to work on both business processes and marketing strategies.


Scalability was a main factor as they looked to continue as they were with a small internal team but also capitalise on opportunities for their other businesses and products. The original setup was based on one person’s makeshift processes that were tenuous and prone to breakdown. Bringing in repeatable processes with live data performance reporting has made it easier to scope and deliver and be able to switch focus to other aspects of the business.


We provided a smooth transition by placing a team member in the client’s office to work with the exiting head of digital.

We initially focused on a smooth transition by placing a team member in the client’s office to work with the exiting head of digital. Once things were fully documented we used multiple channel specialists rather than a single generalist to take over the existing and future work. With this knowledge, we could properly define a delivery roadmap for the future which was not previously part of the client’s workflow.

Efficient Handover

  • As an embedded partner, In Marketing We Trust is experienced at managing handovers with an all-encompassing process to enable a smooth transition
  • We placed a specialist team member in the client’s office for multiple days to gather all necessary information and access 
  • Detailed handover between the exiting head of digital and our team to ensure we captured all existing and future projects as well as historical information
  • Created documentation of processes and systems, including:
    • Industry regulations (TGA)
    • Complexities of advertising therapeutic goods on Google & Facebook

Allocate Specialists

  • Digital marketing had been run with diligence and precision achieving good results, but there was still a great deal of latent opportunity
  • Our approach was to bring multiple specialists in place of a single generalist
  • The channel specialists were able to identify multiple opportunities to increase performance from the onset

Define Delivery Roadmap

  • Handover process enabled us to get a detailed understanding of existing marketing strategies and future plans
  • Identified opportunities to improve performance
  • Identified opportunities to improve operational best practices
  • Enabled us to define a delivery roadmap for the months ahead (something that had not previously been delivered) 



The process put in place was able to deliver a cost-effective solution in a short turnaround time. The flexibility provided by this approach meant that we were able to provide greater cross-channel depth of expertise alongside a fresh perspective and inspiration for future opportunities without losing anything in the interim.

Maintaining Momentum

Maintaining momentum without impacting 25% of yearly performance.

Better Insights

Better insights lead to consistent client growth.

Data-Driven Outcomes

Wide range of expertise allowing for strategic and data-driven outcomes.

Maintaining momentum without impacting 25% of yearly performance

Typically, it takes at least 3 months to recruit and onboard a digital marketer. For many businesses, a 3-month decline in marketing performance may result in significant lost revenue. Our solution enabled the seamless continuation of digital marketing delivery, keeping all activities live without losing any momentum. 

Better insights lead to consistent client growth

A restructuring of the current approach that was enabled by fresh eyes resulted in a more holistic view that allowed for more strategic decisions and data-driven outcomes.

Wide range of expertise allowing for strategic and data-driven outcomes

The broader skillset provided by an agency meant that all aspects of their marketing needs were covered by experts without having to hire internal staff on a full-time basis.