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Interactive app empowers Verisure’s sales team and provides informative data to potential customers

About the client

Verisure is the leading Alarm Systems company in Europe, providing 24/7 Alarm Monitoring and Guard Response to more than four million customers. The firm has a proven track record – built up over more than 30 years – and employs over 18,000 people in 16 countries. Outside Europe the company is also experiencing rapid growth in South America. A pioneering force in security innovation and technology, the Verisure group constantly strives to improve its services, delivering peace of mind to customers. 

In Marketing We Trust work closely with Verisure in the UK. They wanted us to produce a creative campaign which would significantly increase their traffic and online brand presence. Our content and technical teams collaborated to develop an interactive solution which became a valuable resource for the company’s sales team and potential customers.


Devise and produce a marketing tool for Verisure to highlight local crime stats to their audience

Use crime statistics nationally and locally to create awareness of requirement to protect homes and businesses

The home security and commercial property security sectors in the UK are highly competitive. Standing out from the crowd to build brand visibility, whilst simultaneously inspiring trust in potential customers would need some creativity and ingenuity from In Marketing We Trust and a willingness from Verisure to try something innovative.

The goal was to increase organic traffic and further establish Verisure’s reputation as a high-quality source of information. By highlighting existing crime statistics from a trusted third-party source and by associating specialist knowledge on the topic with our client’s security solutions we would help Verisure achieve their objective.


Creativity and technical expertise convert unattractive statistics into an intuitive marketing resource to increase web visits and brand awareness

The client now owns a powerful sales tool for both the B2C and B2B markets

Following a number of technical fixes carried out for Verisure on their website it was important to put some focus on offsite activity to help them reach their goals in a highly competitive market. We developed an extensive content campaign that allowed us to increase the number of relevant ranking keywords and boost visibility dramatically.

Our strategy was to build a tool offsite to bring more organic traffic to the sales website. We built an app featuring a crime statistics map, based on official British Police data, which greatly expanded the brand’s online footprint. 

When users access the app they can type in their postcode, street name, neighbourhood, village, town or city – or they simply navigate manually on the map – to search a particular location. They are then presented with the crime statistics from the official British Police database in their area, highlighting the level of necessity they may have to invest in a solution from Verisure.

How we got there

To begin with we created customer profiles for Verisure clients as part of a geotargeting project where we ranked customer postcodes. After defining the customer base we then created an interactive crime stats map, where users could find the latest information on local crime rates. This was directly connected to the official British Police database, displaying the latest figures available to the public.

We enabled users to see an overview of total crime data in their area or city, as well as a breakdown of eight categories, including burglary, robbery, shoplifting, criminal damage/arson, bicycle theft, vehicle crime, other theft and other crime.

The map could not show the exact location of crime scenes due to privacy reasons, but we set a policy to show data at a street level. By default, the map displays all types of crime and it can also be configured to highlight particular crimes in the area. The tool also displays crime trends in London over the past 6 months. For example, recent data shows that robbery has risen 38.61% – giving users the perfect incentive to invest in a Verisure smart alarm system.

160% increase in organic traffic yoy for Verisure


Given the precise nature of the data in the crime statistics map users are given a clear indication of which Verisure product or service they should invest in, considering the level and type of offences being committed in their local area.

The UK crime statistics map is easy for potential customers to use. It is also a powerful tool for Verisure’s sales representatives when they are talking to homeowners and businesses, as it provides evidence of the threat of crime without the relevant product or service in place to protect them.


We started our collaboration with Verisure in February 2016, attracted by their innovative products and services and their great ambition in the UK, in an extremely competitive market. In addition to our usual technical fixes, improvements and monitoring, we developed an extensive content strategy that allowed us to increase our number of ranking keywords and visibility dramatically.

The creation of the UK crime statistics map resulted in a 160% increase in total annual organic traffic. Our work also increased total direct traffic by 52% year-on-year and produced a 14% increase in YOY organic blog traffic.


increase in total annual organic traffic


increase in total direct traffic YOY


increase in organic blog traffic YOY

As the app offers the possibility to search for any location by postcode and area down to street level and to filter the display by type of crime, URLs are generated for each location based on suggestions in the local search field, which allowed us to virtually generate two million additional pages. To force indexation of as many pages as possible, we have introduced a number of content variations in each page, such as location name, dynamic extraction of data, dynamic charts and randomised text. 

The Verisure sales team now also utilise the crime statistics map on their iPads during field demos with prospects and existing customers. The level of detail and the ability to highlight the types of prevalent crime gives sales reps the ability to zoom in almost to street number level, evoking strong purchasing intent for security solutions.