54% increase in conversion rate for Club Med through chatbot implementation

About the client

Club Med is a travel and tourism operator specialising in all-inclusive holidays, operating in more than 70 resorts around the world. It offers a premium package holiday experience, and as such its prospective customers expect a strong level of customer service from the very first point of contact. When they engaged with In Marketing We Trust the company had a leaky sales funnel onsite and this was an issue we were confident of fixing.


Strengthen the sales funnel for Club Med holiday bookings by instantly responding to user requests for additional information

Convert more site visitors into paying customers via chatbot support based on data already available through Club Med API

Matching a high level of user expectation with a trustworthy interaction provided Club Med with a challenge. How to ensure customer enquiries at volume receive more than satisfactory responses in a timely and responsive manner?

Creating a “live” customer service environment, in which potential new clients could have their questions answered in a comprehensive manner from the first point of contact onsite, whilst not overwhelming the customer service team, was the goal for In Marketing We Trust.

Ensuring the chatbot communicates with existing customer service system

We needed to introduce filters to enable a vast number of frequent customer enquiries to be dealt with in real-time and also integrate a new solution into Club Med’s existing customer service landscape. This would be key to achieving improved customer retention and a higher booking completion rate.

Integration of Club Med’s existing API to the chatbot, to facilitate the flow of additional information, would be required to enable a much smoother and cohesive user experience.


Full analysis of the customer journey to identify where significant improvements could be made

The information site visitors wanted pre-booking was already in Club Med’s system and therefore had to be delivered quickly to potential customers

In Marketing We Trust conducted a thorough analysis of frequently asked questions from users, combining this research with data on frequent user journeys. We then developed a detailed map of the varied user pathways that typically unfold for visitors seeking information as they are going through the Club Med booking process. 

This in turn enabled us to form a detailed keyword and phrase list for the chatbot to respond to, including a range of specific prepared responses.

Plugging in the client’s API directly to the chatbot software

By integrating Club Med’s existing API to the chatbot software, we were able to create an enhanced information flow and strengthen the validity of the response process, thus giving customers a much more enriched experience and improving their likelihood of completing a booking.

Establishing human escalation protocols

It was inevitable that there would be scenarios in which customer queries could not be resolved by the chatbot alone, so there would be a requirement for a rapid escalation process to connect users with customer service agents.

Establishing a fluid, automated process to pass customers from the chatbot to the live customer service team was another key solution implemented. 

The chatbot was also customised to provide specific information during a Travel Fair promotion, allowing Club Med to measure its impact on a specific promotional campaign. 

When Club Med website visitors acknowledged in a survey that they were not getting the information they needed or wanted during the booking process, In Marketing We Trust created a chatbot solution to deliver live customer service support. By keeping more users within the booking funnel and resolving their queries instantly, the solution delivered substantial results.


Club Med now have an established channel to directly support potential customers who enter the booking process and have a far deeper understanding of where information required by the user may be lacking. This means that continual improvements can be made, on top of the vastly improved user journey that has already been implemented with the chatbot.

Club Med is now also successfully building a database of potential customers to retarget, in order to increase direct bookings, and has seen outstanding results.


increase in conversions after chatbot implemented


of sales revenue from chatbot users


site visitors more likely to enter booking engine after chatbot interaction


in revenue from chatbot users in just 3 months

Users are 1.5x more likely to book after chatbot interaction and are 1.6x more likely to enter the booking engine after chatbot interaction. Tellingly, 8.3% of total revenue now comes from chatbot users and on average 100 Club Med visitors use the chatbot feature each day. There has been an 85% increase in pageviews per session amongst chatbot users, with a 168% increase in session duration achieved by using the chatbot.

The chatbot was also customised to promote Travel Fair deals to make it easier for users to get promotional offers. The results from the promotion underline the potential chatbots have to promote specific campaigns:

  • Users 2.9x more likely to book Travel Fair deal after chatbot interaction
  • 15.2% of Travel Fair revenue from chatbot users
  • $134.6K Travel Fair revenue from chatbot users
  • 223% increase in session duration amongst chatbot users
  • 132% increase in page views per session amongst chatbot users
  • 2,304 total chatbot users
  • 136 chatbot users per day on average