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Helping Rejuvenation Clinics Australia grow its digital presence and increase bookings in a regulated industry

About the client

Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia (RCA) is Sydney’s leader in non-invasive cosmetic medicine. They were established in 2000 by cosmetic physician Dr Garry Cussell with a focus on results, research, development, and superior client service. 

RCA have medical skincare clinics in Sydney’s CBD, Barangaroo and Chatswood with teams of highly skilled doctors, registered nurses and clinicians using some of the most advanced technology and trusted techniques in the world.

RCA provides skin tightening, lifting and strengthening, skin repair and rejuvenation, injectables, body contouring, permanent hair removal, tattoo removal as well as beauty and skincare products. They also run Specialist Clinics of Australia which provides a range of expert medical treatments such as dermatology, gynaecology, skin cancer and snoring treatments.

With internal changes to their marketing team, they initially came to us for support while experiencing a period of transition, but we continued our relationship afterwards so that we could help them grow their business digitally.


Creating a bigger, better digital plan to help support treatments and redefining eCommerce

While Rejuvenation Clinics Australia already had a digital strategy in mind, they wanted to optimise it so that they could grow their business post the first wave of Covid in 2020 – both through in-person treatments and via their online product sales. There were two areas in particular where we were asked to assist:

Refining digital paid advertising activity

Digital channels are an important area of focus for RCA, but their cost per conversion was high and there is a lot of competition within the market and for keywords. We needed to assess the competitive landscape and determine how to get more for their advertising spend and increase their share of voice.  

As Rejuvenation Clinics Australia is part of a regulated industry there were restrictions around advertising. Certain health-care related content cannot be advertised, while others can only be advertised via Google Partners in approved countries.

Migrating eCommerce to Shopify while retaining traffic to the clinic site

Prior to us coming on board, the RCA website had been running sales through a WooCommerce plugin. As their business grew, and as a desire to sell to the US market grew along with it, RCA needed a way to sell products across both the AU and US markets in a simple, yet robust, manner. 

It was also important to separate the clinic website from the beauty products that were being sold via the eCommerce store, which is why separate platforms were chosen. But while doing this, there was a need to keep organic and paid traffic to the clinic site high, alongside efforts to build traffic for the eCommerce stores

“We are dedicated to following advertising regulations for healthcare and medicine, so we expect that ads and destinations follow appropriate laws and industry standards. Some healthcare-related content can’t be advertised at all, while others can only be advertised if the advertiser is certified with Google and targets only approved countries.” – Google


Making something bigger and better by focusing on sound digital strategy

Because we’d established a strong relationship with RCA when we’d been brought in to assist as their long time digital manager left the business, we had a good understanding of who they were and how we could meet their needs in the longer term. 

And given the way the In Marketing We Trust business is structured, we were able to bring in multiple specialists, rather than one all-rounder who might not have had the depth of experience to help grow RCA’s business during a tumultuous time. 

Finding a focus and creating a plan to grow

There were three stand-out areas where we needed to add value for the RCA business if they were to grow and take their business to the next level:

  1. SEO
  2. Paid search – social and Google 
  3. Analytics

The industry RCA operates in has restrictions around the types of terms that can be used in advertising, so we found alternatives that were appealing to the right audiences and helped to build brand awareness. We did this by using LSI (semantically related) keywords, ensuring that our chosen keywords were closely related to each other from keywords that were seen together in high frequency across top-ranking pages. For example, while Botox cannot be used, Google recognises that the phrase anti-wrinkle injections is related. 

Given the vast number of solutions we could provide for RCA, one of the key things we did was create a simple, yet high impact, strategy that didn’t overwhelm the team. Because we’re here to assist in the long term, we focused on starting with key areas of change, and as time goes on we can add new strategies to keep growth on an upwards trajectory.

Migrating the eCommerce store and supporting traffic

Our focus was on keeping traffic to the clinic website high while the eCommerce migration occurred. To do so, we kept on top of trends and applied technical fixes when errors occurred to keep the site tracking well. 

We also ensured that the new Shopify store was rebranded correctly, had products added in a manner that was appealing for visitors, but also SEO friendly, and worked with the RCA team and their web agency to make recommendations on improvements to site speed and general optimisation.

There was a need from the business to move quickly to build out a stand-alone eCommerce site, largely due to their plans to move into the US market. We were able to move quickly to migrate a large portion of the clinic site over, while ensuring traffic and authority were properly redirected, which ultimately lead to consumers being able to quickly and easily find the site that best suited their needs. 

Lead generation from social media channels is particularly important as the audience that is reached is often not actively researching or showing intent towards a specific product or service. Strong lead numbers (as were the case with RCA) show how a well-planned and executed campaign can open your business up to a new audience that may have been difficult to reach via other methods.

Focusing on big impact items to create growth

We worked with the RCA team to determine the areas that would have the most impact on their business. Like many other organisations that were impacted by Covid, it was important to ensure that their budget was spent in ways that would show results quickly, while also building a strong foundation into the future.

It was for these reasons that we chose to focus on:

  1. SEO
  2. Paid media – social and Google 
  3. Site migration
  4. Analytics, to bring it all together and to guide future decision making

It was clear from the beginning that the Rejuvenation Clinics Australia team were highly engaged and keen to do more digitally, but they were tasked with many different responsibilities and were time-poor. To balance this, we were able to make an impact by implementing some of the changes ourselves, meaning we could work quickly and free up the RCA team’s time to work on other pressing needs. 


Growing customers and visits across multiple clinics

We helped Rejuvenation Clinics of Australia achieve their goal of growth across their eCommerce stores, as well as getting back to pre-Covid in-person bookings.


increase in treatment bookings


decrease in cost per conversion


increase in site traffic

Traffic to the clinic sites and bookings were up

By June 2021 we had increased clinic site traffic from 16,164 sessions per month (September 2020) to 27,644, an increase of 71 per cent. 

And bookings had increased from 168 per month to an average of 214, another increase of 27 per cent. This was a result of resolved technical issues across the clinic site, a reduction of cannibalised keywords, and an increase in high-value terms as a result of our SEO strategy.

Reducing conversion costs while increasing brand visibility

Our work on their Google Ads also saw significant growth. Conversions had been in the dozens and were averaging out at a $146 cost per conversion. Within a month we had increased the number of conversions to 182 and dropped the cost per conversion to $103 (a decrease of more than 29 percent). 

We focused paid social on specific campaigns – fat freezing, refer a friend, and $100 off for new patients – and in doing so generated 225 leads, at an average cost per acquisition (CPA) of $20.70. The campaigns increased RCA’s visibility to a huge degree, with almost 44,000 unique users seeing at least one of the three campaigns during the promotional period (November 2020 – March 2021).