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Creating quality Google Ads campaigns results in thousands of monthly leads for a global leader in cyber security

About the client

Trend Micro’s Cloud One platform mitigates cloud security risks. As part of Trend Micro’s range of cybersecurity solutions, it collects 2.5 trillion+ threat queries each year, and creates significant time and financial savings for the organisations that use it as part of their technology offering.

Cloud One has more than half a million customers and is ranked as the world’s number one cloud security platform, but with the risk of cyber attacks increasing Trend Micro wanted to ensure the market was aware of their industry-leading status and increase leads to drive revenue growth, which is where In Marketing We Trust comes in.


Improving visibility in an increasingly saturated market when internal resourcing is unavailable

Lack of internal resourcing

The team at Trend Micro needed to incorporate paid search into their digital strategy but didn’t have capacity to run this activity internally due to a lack of resourcing. Knowing they needed to be able to move at speed, given the rate in which the industry is moving, this activity needed to be given a high-priority status that was at odds with the resourcing challenge they were facing.

Retaining an agency was determined to be the solution to this problem, which lead to In Marketing We Trust being selected as their agency partner.

Expertise is needed for activity such as search performance

The team also understood that the success of paid search is vastly improved when activity is run by someone with deep expertise. This is even more important when activity takes place across multiple markets – Trend Micro had 10 countries of focus across the AMEA and APAC regions, including the key regions of Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore.

Having never run Google Ads for Cloud One, there was a significant piece of work that needed to be done to get things up and running in the right way so that success could be properly measured and reported upon. 


Build, manage, measure: creating and executing an SEM strategy that performs!

Understanding client needs when multiple regions are involved

Trend Micro approached In Marketing We Trust to create and manage a paid strategy for their Cloud One product across 10 countries within the AMEA and APAC regions, with the goal of increasing leads across all stages of the user funnel.

Before we made recommendations to their team, we researched the industry, countries of focus, and their target audience of B2B customers. This information allowed us to create a strategy that had a primary focus on Google Ads, specifically search, and was realistic in its budget and reach.

Utilising experts across the business to get set for success

Being a multi-disciplined digital agency, In Marketing We Trust was able to pull together a group of specialist resources to create responsive search performance ads within Google Ads, and constantly monitor and tweak for optimal results. 

We were also able to set up analytics tracking that met the needs of the paid activity and allowed for real time measurement. This was key to remaining agile while testing and learning during the initial stages and proved to be particularly valuable when multiple data breaches including Optus and Medibank were reported in the media in late 2022 and interest in cyber security products increased. 

Supplementing with Display in ANZ and Singapore

Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore were highlighted as specific regions of focus for Trend Micro, and In Marketing We Trust recommended running ads through the Google Display Network to complement the Google Search activity that was already in place. 

Having only run from August – October during the last reporting cycle, we were pleased to see that these ads were already responsible for more than 7% of all leads generated within the period – a number we hope to see grow.

Building SEM from the ground up has its pros and cons. While there was no baseline reporting available for historical comparison, we were able to create benchmarking and set up analytics with the sole intent of measuring this campaign and ensure we were tracking the right elements to show how leads were flowing from all levels of the funnel.

How In Marketing We Trust approached the solution

As Trend Micro hadn’t engaged a digital agency prior to coming on as an In Marketing We Trust client, we were able to start with a blank slate. Over the space of a year, we built this activity into a finely tuned, mature strategy across SEM (search engine marketing), complemented by display ads in key regions.

This was an end-to-end project, with steps that included: 

  1. Analysing the needs of Trend Micro, alongside the industry and customer insights, to create recommendations and a robust strategy 
  2. Setting benchmarks to provide a starting point for measuring campaign success
  3. Implementing tracking for analytics, to understand how paid activity was helping achieve Trend Micro’s goals 
  4. Building campaigns to drive engagement by using USPs (unique selling propositions) defined by the Trend Micro Cloud One team 
  5. Using analytics to define ads, which allowed us to improve conversion and reduce costs over time to gain the most benefit in alignment with the overarching goal of increasing conversion

Being able to accurately track the performance of a campaign is vital in measuring the success of any paid digital activity. Because we’re a multi-disciplined agency, we were able to bring project managers, paid search specialists, and analytics experts together to create a dream team who built (plus measured and refined) Trend Micro’s SEM activity from the ground up to blow pre-defined goals out of the water. 




Creating a measurable campaign plan drives exponential growth in leads

Initially, the goal was to build to 1,700 leads per month. In November 2022, we doubled that number with a total of 3,568 leads across all regions. By the end of the first year of activity, we have also achieved a conversion rate of 11.54%, which was an increase of 22% quarter on quarter (to the end of October 2022). 

These numbers were achieved alongside working to reduce the cost per conversion by 50.82% from Q1 to Q4 for all regions and by 79.66% from Q3 to Q4 for the ANZ region.


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