Enhanced E-commerce Tracking for Columbus Direct

An E-commerce & Analytics Case Study

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  • Setting up enhanced e-commerce
  • Resolving Internet Explorer tracking issues
  • Adding filters for bot traffic
  • Resolving tracking issues across different country domains
  • Improving visibility of performance data


  • Precise ROMI (Return On Marketing Investment) calculation
  • Performance breakdown with custom dimensions to detect underperforming areas
  • Spotting weak points and blockers in conversion funnel
  • Efficient reporting

Client Background

Columbus Direct is an international travel insurer, operating out of 45 countries. Columbus was the first insurer to sell travel insurance direct to consumers in the UK. Also, the first to fully sell travel insurance online. Their head office is in the UK.

We worked with their Sydney office, providing content, website and Google Analytics recommendations. Columbus Direct’s Sydney-based location manages the Australian and New Zealand websites, as well as international websites catering to customers in Europe and the Middle East.

Initial Situation

Columbus Direct approached us requesting an upgrade to their Google Analytics platform, which included setting up enhanced e-commerce. We also discovered an issue with the client’s tracking of Internet Explorer traffic.

As the reporting data included traffic from a large number of known ‘bots’, the metrics were skewed. We also found that different country level domains were not being tracked accurately.

In order for us to be able to provide a detailed optimisation and content strategy, the Google Analytics setup needed to be updated to enable a clear understanding of traffic patterns and user behaviour.

What We Did

  • Created a clean Google Analytics profile with filtered traffic
  • Enhanced e-commerce tracking implementation
  • Built a framework for tracking and measurement planning
  • Ensured consistency of visitor data (bots, internal traffic)
  • Enabled access to more detailed data
  • Optimised segments, events and goals for a clear and detailed conversion funnel visualisation
  • Introduced new features via a third-party tool (heatmap and session recording)

The Results

With enhanced e-commerce tracking, Columbus Direct is now able to analyse greater data and have a better understanding of their customer behaviour and their products and promotion performance. The client now has better visibility on their revenue per channel, from a number of trusted affiliates and at a page level value. Columbus Direct are now able to more easily assign a dollar value to the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and individual channels, as well as specific products.

We made it easy for Columbus Direct to track each step of the process, from obtaining a quote to purchasing a policy online.

  • Client can measure each marketing campaign’s effectiveness and impact on bottom line
  • Better visibility on revenue per channel, affiliates
  • Measure performance for a specific product
  • Compare performance based on a number of factors
  • Better understanding of conversion funnel for onsite optimisation

I worked with IMWT on a number of very diverse projects and was impressed by the variety of skills and expertise IMWT brought to the table. IMWT really took the time to understand our business and our needs, and delivered some highly effective solutions as a result.

Antje LMarketing Manager International, Columbus Direct

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