• Digital Maturity

Increased Digital Marketing Maturity from Nascent to Emerging to Help a Startup Punch Above its Weight

About the client

Integrity Life is a customer-focused innovative life insurance provider, with a commitment to bringing integrity to life insurance and helping Australians when they need it most.

Using the latest technology, Integrity Life offers advisers and customers an easier and more transparent experience, and faster access to modern, flexible and fair solutions.


Accelerate digital marketing maturity to help a startup punch above its weight in a fiercely competitive market.


Outsmarting the status quo

Life insurance is a mature market dominated by a handful of large and well-established brands. It is difficult for any startup to break into the life insurance market and compete with the massive budgets of established brands.

Instead of competing on budget size, the customer wanted to outsmart the established players through better application of data and technology.

Cultivate a growth marketing mindset

As a business-to-business company with a team sourced from traditional insurance companies, there was a high risk of doing marketing the same way it has always been done in the insurance market, which is usually siloed and disconnected with sales.

The client needed to instil a growth marketing mindset and capability in their in-house team to outmanoeuvre bigger and better-funded teams.

Demonstrating the value of investing in data & technology

As a venture-backed startup marketing spend is under scrutiny from savvy board members and investors.

The client needed to look beyond the short-term performance metrics and demonstrate the long-term value of investing in marketing maturity in a way that resonated with financially minded stakeholders.


Providing a clear path towards digital marketing maturity.

Establishing the strategic importance of digital marketing maturity

Until recently, digital marketing maturity was low on most companies radars. However, research and development by Google and Boston Consulting Group have thrown the spotlight on digital marketing maturity by revealing the competitive advantages which can increase revenue by 20%, while reducing cost by 30%.

Providing a digital marketing maturity framework

As a technology-led agency, we place a high level of strategic importance on the application of data and technology to unlock competitive advantages. We have a proprietary digital maturity tool as part of our standard workbench. Using our proprietary digital maturity software, MGO, we gave Integrity Life access to a tried and tested framework for transforming their digital marketing capabilities.

Our digital marketing maturity framework enables optimisation across several areas:

  • Application of technology
  • Activation of data
  • Strategic development
  • Tactical implementation
  • Training and development
  • Documentation

Our proprietary digital marketing maturity framework benchmarks maturity and performance.

We identified a low level of maturity across most digital marketing functions which enabled us to define the optimum route to maturity with their objectives front of mind.

Defining the current state

Integrity Life was in the early stages of growth with limited in-house digital marketing capacity. While they had started some digital activity, there was a lack of actionable insights to optimise and scale up the activity.

To begin the digital marketing maturity process, we undertook a rigorous audit of digital marketing knowledge, resources, technology and activity across each of the maturity pillars to provide a report on the current state of digital marketing.

With a maturity score of 19%, the audit revealed Integrity Life was a Nascent (level 1 of 4) marketer, which is the lowest level of digital marketing maturity.

Plotting the road ahead

Once our team of digital experts had quantified the current state of digital marketing, we plotted a route to digital marketing maturity using our mapping tool.

The mapping tool includes a range of milestones required to pass each level of maturity. The milestones include knowledge, strategies, data, resources and tactics.

Monitoring progress

As a transformation project, it was essential to keep Integrity Life up to date with the progress of the project. In addition to our team updating the maturity software as we delivered each of the maturity milestones, we provided a quarterly update to quantify the progress with an updated maturity score and impact analysis.


We progressed from nascent to emerging digital marketing, saving budget while earning more and increasing sales.

In less than one-year Integrity Life’s marketing operation was transformed from nascent to emerging.

At the current maturity level, the marketing operation is saving $80K on every $1M of marketing spend, while also contributing an additional $60K to every $1M of revenue earned.



maturity score more than doubled


saved per $1M of marketing spend


additional sales per $1M revenue