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A data-driven approach leads to >180% increase in conversions for insurance disruptor

About the client

Integrity is a new way of thinking about insurance. A disruptor and newer player in the industry, Integrity aligns with the modern experience and provides a digital platform that offers more simplicity and convenience for customers, within an industry that has been slower to adapt. 

With more than 60,000 customers, Integrity provides simple, flexible life insurance policies through a network of financial advisers and brokers. Their digital model offers a less complicated and more direct process for advisor sign up, but convincing their audience that working with them was better than the competition was difficult. 

Being a wholly digital B2B2C business meant that Integrity needed to have impeccable digital marketing support to reach their audience, engage with them, and convert them.  


Engaging internal stakeholders and external audiences to bring more meaning to Integrity’s marketing activity

Integrity came to In Marketing We Trust with two distinct challenges:

Demonstrating the value of the marketing team

Their marketing team needed support increasing their visibility within the business and demonstrating their value. They also needed assistance in creating reporting that showcased the tangible work they do for the business.

Engaging a hard-to-reach audience online

Additionally, Integrity knew that 80% of all insurance research begins online, but they needed help reaching their target audience and engaging meaningfully with them. One of their primary audiences is advisers who are known to be hard to reach and cynical of advertising, so assistance in starting a conversation and building trust, and then moving them through the conversion funnel was of vital importance. 

They were lacking in analytics for paid media reporting and conversion reporting and were focused heavily on top of funnel campaign activity (awareness) that wasn’t guiding their intended audience to the next stage (acquisition), let alone further through the funnel. 


Delivering a data-driven strategy to move users through the customer journey

We saw an opportunity to define a strategy that would create and support activity through the growth marketing funnel, with three broad goals set for the initial Integrity project that supported the first three layers of the funnel:

  • Awareness: Increased site traffic
  • Acquisition: Improved contact us form completions and document downloads
  • Activation: Increased quotes started, apps launched, and quotes completed

In Marketing We Trust consists of a highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team who came together to create a tech B2B strategy, focused on driving sales and marketing efficiency through online conversion. High-level details included:

  • Consulting and strategy around building a high-performance growth marketing team that was valued by all members of the organisation
  • Ongoing advisory services for the marketing leadership team, to ensure growth and financial targets were reached or exceeded
  • Execution of tactical digital marketing services, to provide support to the strategic portions of the project and act as additional headcount for the business

While tactical elements of the project involved:

  • Establishing metrics that could be turned into actionable insights for delivery to heads of business
  • Designing a modern approach to audience attraction, engagement, and retention
  • Creating, managing, and reporting on campaign activity that expanded Integrity’s reach, attracted more of the right kinds of leads, and improved conversion

Audience strategy

Engage early adopters. The core audience are detail-oriented, process-driven, outcome-focused and don’t like change. We will engage early adopters to influence and lead the market to Integrity Life.

Creative strategy

For advisors tangibility is crucial. We can’t just tell this audience; we must show them. The creative strategy will bring the product to life in a way that connects with the audience.


How In Marketing We Trust approached the solution

According to Integrity’s Content and Conversion Manager, Jordan Kerr, “In Marketing We Trust approached this project with enthusiasm and expertise. They defined a plan that was created based upon our specific needs, and then they optimised. It was refreshing to work with an agency where its team wasn’t afraid to test and learn and make new recommendations based on the outcomes. In fact, they recommended allocating part of our ongoing budget to test and learn campaigns, so that we can continue to pivot as the landscape changes. 

It was really important to me that I could see where results hadn’t matched expectations, but that optimising activity had seen a positive change in the right direction. I’m not opposed to hearing that some activity doesn’t work. In fact, I prefer to hear about the bad, so that we can make it good.

The In Marketing We Trust team are very process-driven, enthusiastic, and they always deliver on their promises. They also walked us through every step of the process and ensured we understood their approach at all stages of the project.”


A stronger internal focus, combined with increased engagement and revenue from key audiences

Demonstrating the value of the marketing team

We were able to help Integrity define how their marketing team will operate in the future. This combined with company-wide visibility of their expertise and efforts, through robust data and reporting, has allowed them to position themselves as a crucial department within the organisation.  

“In Marketing We Trust made a significant impact on all our key metrics (something we can now comfortably report back to the leadership team), In fact, we hit all our goals for the last financial year with their help.”  – Jordan Kerr

33% - 133%

quote completion increased


increase in total conversions


ROAS achieved

Engaging a hard-to-reach audience online

From March to September, we were able to achieve 608,392 impressions from digital advertising platforms, 23.9 per cent of which entered the acquisition phase of Integrity’s funnel, with a further 29 per cent of that group moving into the activation phase. 

Overall, there was an increase in conversions of 180.44 per cent which has had a significant impact on Integrity’s revenue. We also achieved a week-on-week increase in quote completions between 33 – 133 per cent in the June to September period, and return on ad spend (ROAS) was 11.48 meaning $11.48 was returned to the business for every $1 in advertising spend.