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 The team and I are excited to announce our application for Google Analytics Certified Partner has been accepted.

Google Analytics Partner - GACP logo
Becoming A Google Analytics Certified Partner
Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP) is a big step up from the Google AdWords Partner or premier partner programs.
This accreditation is not just handed out to anyone. There is a stringent application process whereby Google looks into processes, depth of knowledge, number of qualified folks in our team. In short, we get a proper grilling from the team @ Google.
IMWT started the process about 2 years ago when the company shifted its position from a generalist Search Agency to our core skills and competencies, data nerdism and analytics for growth.
During those 2 years, we had to rehaul a lot of our operations, have a lot of team members trained to be individually qualified for Google Analytics and implement bucketloads of complex implementations to show our mad skills.
Now, over 85% of IMWiTers are Google Analytics certified and many are taking advanced classes for tag management, attribution, data visualisation and conversion optimisation.
We recruited and trained top folks including a top-notch analytics specialist who teaches for Google and helped put together the Google Analytics course.
What This Means for You
For our clients, Google Analytics Certified Partner status means that we can be even more helpful in deploying, managing, and improving your marketing analytics programs through Google Analytics.
Our work extends beyond the basics of setting up goal conversions. We can help you enrich Google Analytics data with third party data sources: your CRM, booking systems, guest management and even Weather data to analyse holiday booking patterns. Our clients gain a competitive edge through richer data analysis, and better insights.
It’s also a reassurance for all our clients that we are kept on our toes by having Google audit our operational and delivery processes while encouraging us to keep our skills relevant to courses and training.

Google 360 suite - Analytics partners capabilities
Beside validating our creds with Google themselves, the big advantage of getting certified is we get premium support and training from Google for their product suite. We can directly engage with product experts @Google to help us get the most out of their tools and create the right configuration for your business.
[gdlr_circle_progress percent=”85″ size=”150″ line_width=”6″ progress_background_color=”#e9e9e9″ progress_color=”#5fd2da”]Tagging/Tracking[/gdlr_circle_progress] [gdlr_circle_progress percent=”75″ size=”150″ line_width=”6″ progress_background_color=”#e9e9e9″ progress_color=”#ff406d”]Dashboarding and visualisation[/gdlr_circle_progress] [gdlr_circle_progress percent=”65″ size=”150″ line_width=”6″ progress_background_color=”#e9e9e9″ progress_color=”#fdc500″]A/B testing & CRO[/gdlr_circle_progress] [gdlr_circle_progress percent=”60″ size=”150″ line_width=”6″ progress_background_color=”#e9e9e9″ progress_color=”#7148a7″]Advanced attribution modelling[/gdlr_circle_progress]
We starting to get pretty good at tagging/tracking combined with dashboarding and visualisation onto Google Studio. We have recently been playing a lot with Google optimize and given the latest changes in Optimizely pricing and programs, we are now treating this tool as our weapon of choice to implement our conversion optimisation work.
If you need help making sense of your data,
now we have a shiny new badge saying: Yes We Can!
Google Analytics Certified Partner logo

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