How to Setup Google Analytics 4

Detailed step-by-step guide on How to Setup Google Analytics 4


For any analyst or marketer looking to understand how to setup Google Analytics 4 our in-depth whitepaper provides step-by-step instructions for smooth implementation of the new solution.

End of June 2022 is the date from which proficient online companies are working fully in GA4, giving them 12 months of data for analysis when Universal Analytics stops processing new analytics data permanently from 1st July 2023. Having those 12 months of data gives a complete view on seasonality and having more data improves the machine learning models within GA4.

As you prepare for those deadlines our ‘How to Setup Google Analytics 4’ whitepaper can be downloaded for free, giving you clear information on what to do at each stage of the implementation process. Whether you will be migrating to GA4 from Universal Analytics or setting up GA4 from scratch all the information you need is contained in our guide.

GA4 empowers businesses to gain a greater understanding of multi-platform, multi-device customer journeys, whilst also adhering strictly to user privacy compliance regulations.

As a Certified Google Marketing Platform Partner, we are one of just 20 companies in Australia certified by Google to implement your new GA4 solution. Having already migrated dozens of companies from Universal Analytics to GA4, we have compiled all our knowledge on the process into this whitepaper to provide the definitive guide on implementing GA4.

Using our guide you’ll see how to implement GA4 in five stages: Prepare, Discover, Design, Implement, Launch. The guide walks you through each step of the process effectively and logically, with clear information on what to do at each stage and easy-to-use checklists defining the order in which each task must be undertaken.

Our instructions will set you up for successful GA4 implementation planning, starting with the Prepare stage. You will then see how to best identify any existing pain points, before defining your analytics objectives and goals in the Discovery phase of the project.

We then explain how to create an Implementation Plan in the Design phase, before describing the key steps of the Implement stage in terms of configuration, deployment, operational configuration and quality assurance (QA).

The guide concludes with instructions on the final run through of the deliverables, the documentation and your new configuration of GA4, rounded off with a final definitive checklist.

Remember, Universal Analytics stops processing new analytics data from 1st July 2023, so it’s advised to have GA4 in place by the end of June 2022. Time is ticking, so get started today by downloading our How to Setup Google Analytics 4 Whitepaper.


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