generative artificial intelligence

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, generative artificial intelligence has emerged as a significant opportunity for marketing departments worldwide, slowly captivating the attention of the industry. Its transformative potential lies in its ability to augment creativity, improve customer engagement and optimise marketing processes.

Being able to understand the significance of generative AI use in Australian businesses and the future landscape in this field has become crucial for long-term success and staying ahead in the competitive landscape.

We partnered with the University of Sydney to conduct field research on generative AI use in Australian businesses and find out how we can design and commercialise new services that meet the demand and interest of our core target market around generative AI in digital marketing.

Key Insights
Core drivers towards generative AI shift related to cost reductions and time efficiency
Potential use cases are: content creation, personalised customer experience and data analytics
Risks: mainly related to the operational and reputational side
The implementation process of generative AI solutions is mainly affected by the
changing legislative framework and a lack of knowledge of the technology
Generative AI Use in Australian Businesses Whitepaper

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Download the whitepaper to find out how Australian companies are planning to implement generative AI solutions.
Download the whitepaper to learn why Australian businesses are willing to implement generative AI, what prevents them from implementing generative AI, opportunities and use cases, which risks arise and more.
The University of Sydney