NOTE: This whitepaper was published in 2017 and may not be relevant for your purposes.

How Asia-Pacific Consumers Search for Cruises

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Search Opportunities and Market Insights for the Online Cruise Industry

Understanding how your clients find you is the key indicator in any commercial strategy! This is especially true for the cruise industry. Find out how our digital marketing specialists can help you grasp and better understand: your market, your targets and your leads.

Key Factors to Conduct Your Market Analysis 

Generic Search Terms

The APAC market is heavily dominated by generic cruise search terms, meaning consumers are unaware or not sure of the more niche markets.

Cruise Deals

The price factor is important for APAC customers. When it comes to searching for cruises as a keyword, the word ‘deals’ is highly associated. Asia-Pacific consumers are no strangers to comparing prices.

Niche Markets

There are a number of specific cruise niches, the most popular being ‘river cruises’, which presents a space for smaller brands to enter the market.

Destkop vs Mobile

More than half of all cruise searches are now being conducted on mobile devices as opposed to desktops. In stark contrast to our cruise whitepaper published in 2015.

A Growing Market

Searches for ‘cruise’ have been steadily declining over the past 10 years in APAC. However, there are 3 countries where searches for cruises are rising. Download the whitepaper to find out.

How to Optimise Your Digital Strategy 

Increasing your traffic should not be your only concern. As a matter of fact, you cannot speak to everyone, and you want a good return on investment for SEM.

You know your job and your position in the market better than anyone, but do you have all the assets in your hands? How do you improve your APAC cruise SEO? This whitepaper will give you a taste of what digital marketing specialists could bring: analysis based on data and statistics, better targeting as well as measurable outcomes.

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