Google Analytics Audit & Implementation

There is a big difference between knowing that your data is wrong and knowing how to fix it.

Analytics is the web business what accounting system is to any business. Bad or missing data lead to poor decisions and a ‘gut feel’ approximate approach to digital activities, spend and investments.┬áThis approach often leaves a big stash of cash on the table and stop your team from spending their time and effort effectively.

We spend a lot of time looking at Google Analytics configurations. From multi-touch, multi-sessions lead gen sites in competitive environments to XXXL size Online Travel Agencies and e-commerce businesses.Google Analytics Audit & Setup Skills Venn Diagram

Analytics and Tag management are highly specialised functions at the crossroad of web engineering, data analysis and business/product expertise. Our business is born with data and analytics at its core and we spend countless hours recruiting, training and coaching our teammates in being experts in their field.

But we are not your run of the mill consultancy. We are doers. We roll up our sleeves and make sure our recommendations are being implemented. One of our key values is GSD (Get Stuff Done). We don’t just send you a report of what’s wrong, we work with your team to fix it and share our knowledge to avoid issues from happening.

Our tried and tested process, which includes a 60-point checklist for data quality and integrity. We assess the quality of your analytics tracking and implementation as well as the quality of the data collected.

Our Google Analytics Audits include:

  1. Discovery session & Kickoff meeting
  2. Creation of a “Measurement plan” to ensure your tracking meets your business objectives
  3. Complete review of your analytics tracking technical implementation for direct implementation (otherwise check our GTM audit) to determine the quality of data collected
  4. Complete review of Google Analytics at the Account, Property and View level to determine the quality of the output and data presented
  5. Structured recommendations for fixes to deploy a clean/improved configuration
  6. Depending on the scope. Either implement recommendations or provide support & quality checks to ensure your team implement the right changes.

Our Measurement plan is a guide for our audit, fixes implementation and beyond. It’s a tool to ensure your reporting standards help your company improve its performance. Our objective is to ensure that our work doesn’t stop at cleaning up your data capture, rather improve your digital marketing success by focusing on the right metrics.

Our audits are presented as an easy to read set of slides and supporting document. Our Google Analytics Audit can be complemented by a Google Tag Manager Audit for an in-depth review and analysis of your current implementation. We usually record our presentation meeting to assist with handover and documentation. If you would like an overview of what our report looks like, ask us for a redacted example.

In Marketing We Trust is one of the few companies worldwide to be both a Google Analytics Certified Partner for services and Google Analytics Technology Partner. As such we provide consulting around the Google Analytics 360 Suite, including Google Analytics 360, Google Tag Manager 360, and Google Optimize 360 for enterprise customers

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