Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018

Whether you’re starting a new business or you just want to keep up to date on all things data, here are the top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018. Find out how to capture, read and analyse data from some of the world’s best in analytics. To further your analytics and data science skills, check out the Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2016.

Confident Data Skills

Master the Fundamentals of Working with Data and Supercharge Your Career

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Confident Data SkillsKirill Eremenko

Learn how to work with data and master the fundamentals to supercharge your professional abilities. Confident Data Skills, covers data mining, preparing data, analysing data, communicating data, financial modelling, visualising insights and presenting data through film making and dynamic simulations.

“Why concern yourself with data science? Because everything, every transaction you make, every product you use, will soon be driven by data. It’s highly likely that in a few years from now most professionals will be expected to have a degree of data literacy. For this reason, understanding data’s principles and how they can help businesses will at the very least aid in future-proofing your career.” – Kirill Eremenko

Amazon – $13.58


How to Monetize, Manage, and Measure Information as an Asset for Competitive Advantage

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - InfonomicsDouglas Laney

Infonomics provides a foundation as well as methods for quantifying information asset value and tactics for using that information to drive growth. Get a competitive advantage by not just thinking about information as an asset but actually treating it as an asset. One of CIO Magazine’s top five “must read” books of the year.

“It seems everyone today is talking about information as one of their business’s most important assets. Yet most companies manage their office furniture with more discipline than their data. Infonomics shows how to treat information as a true economic asset and shares dozens of examples of organizations benefiting from doing so.” – Doug Laney

Amazon – $19.84

Hacking Growth

How Today’s Fastest-Growing Companies Drive Breakout Success

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Hacking GrowthSean Ellis & Morgan Brown

Hacking Growth tells the tales of many well-known businesses, including Airbnb, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook and Uber and how they grew from humble beginnings to the powerhouses they are today. These companies used growth hacking methods to create their success. Learn how they did it and how you can too through the process of creating and executing your own custom-made growth hacking strategy.

Amazon – $11.38


Data Science for the Layman: No Math Added

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Numsense!Annalyn Ng & Kenneth Soo

Your gentle introduction to data science and its algorithms. Numsense features chapters dedicated to specific algorithms, explaining how they work with real-world examples. Popular concepts covered include A/B testing, anomaly detection, association rules, clustering, decision trees and random forests, regression analysis, social network analysis and neural networks.

Amazon – $28.99

Marketing Strategy

Based on First Principles and Data Analytics

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Marketing StrategyRobert Palmatier & Shrihari Sridhar

Find the solution to 4 fundamental marketing problems in Marketing Strategy: Based on First Principles and Data Analytics. With the knowledge that 1. All customers differ, 2. All customers change, 3. All competitors react and 4. All resources are limited, this book provides a structured framework to develop effective strategies to deal with these diverse marketing problems while integrating data analytics into the decision process.

Amazon – $64.25

Data Analytics

Simple and Effective Strategies to Learn and Execute Data Analytics Programs (Volume 3)

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Data Analytics Simple and EffectiveDaniel Jones

In his first book in the Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 list, Daniel Jones discusses how the world of prediction is booming. Hospitals, companies, as well as law enforcement are all making use of the possibilities. Find out information on tools, how to start a research proposal, how to avoid bias in your research and the mathematics behind it.

Amazon – $15.38

Data Analytics with Python

Data Analytics in Python Using Pandas

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Data Analytics with PythonFrank Millstein

Learn how to organise and analyse data in Data Analytics with Python. This book covers various topics on data analytics, including data analytics application, data analytics process, how to run Python, data exploration using pandas, how to build a predictive model and much more. If you’re interested in learning more about data analytics with python, this is the book for you.

Amazon – $13.38

Predictive Analytics for Dummies

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Predictive Analytics for DummiesDr. Anasse Bari, Mohamed Chaouchi & Tommy Jung

Receive a crash course on using big data and technology to uncover real-world insights with Predictive Analytics for Dummies. Get a foundation in predictive analytics and start using it with readily available tools to collect and analyse data. Learn how to incorporate algorithms through data models, identify similarities and relationships in your data and predict the future through data classification.

“Our goal was to make predictive analytics as practical as possible, in a way that appeals to everyone” – Anasse Bari

Amazon – $19.99

Data and the World of Today

The Reality of Today that Will Impact Your Business Tomorrow

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Data and the World of TodayJesse Morris

Businesses need to change and adapt to the world of today as we are gathering more data than ever before. The ideal book to help entrepreneurs better understand what pivotal technologies exist and the importance of having a data-driven company. Learn how data and technology can be leveraged to help you compete against anyone in your marketplace – including the large businesses and brands.

Amazon – $9.99

Principles of Marketing Engineering and Analytics

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Principles of Marketing Engineering and AnalyticsGary Lilien, Arvind Rangaswamy & Arnaud De Bruyn

Marketing decision making is fast becoming like design engineering as it puts together concepts, data, analysis and simulations to learn about the marketplace and designing effective marketing plans. Principles of Marketing Engineering and Analytics provides an overview of the most widely used marketing engineering and analytics concepts and tools.

“By learning the concepts and tools in this book, marketing managers can move beyond intuitive approaches to marketing, or reasoning by historical analogy, toward smart marketing driven by data, clear metrics, profits, and exploitation of market opportunities.

This book focuses on Marketing Engineering which we define as a systematic approach to harness data and knowledge to drive effective marketing decision making and implementation through a technology-enabled and model-supported interactive decision process.” – Arvind Rangaswamy

Amazon – $38.75

Artificial Intelligence for Marketing

Practical Applications

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Artificial Intelligence for MarketingJim Sterne

This book is strictly for marketing professionals to get a focused introduction to machine learning. It will not teach you how to become a data scientist but it will show marketing professionals how artificial intelligence and machine learning can revolutionise your business’s marketing strategy. This book will walk you through the “need-to-know” aspects of artificial intelligence, including natural language processing, speech recognition and the power of machine learning.

“You should read “Artificial Intelligence for Marketing: Practical Applications” because your job in marketing is about to change in a big way. The tools you will be using tomorrow look very different and the skills needed to use them are changing as well. Do not get left behind, wondering what happened!” – Jim Sterne

Amazon – $31.42

The High Roller Experience

How Caesars and Other World-Class Companies Are Using Data to Create an Unforgettable Customer Experience

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - The High Roller ExperienceDavid Norton

Allow the marketing guru of Caesars/Harrah’s teach you how to double-down and win big with a proven data-driven approach to customer experience. Learn from the carefully choreographed performance by Caesars based on a deep understanding and analysis of extensive data to ensure guests have a personalised experience. Recognised as one of the best examples of using data to improve customer experience.

“The High Roller Experience provides insights on how Caesars and other great brands are using digital technology and big data to transform their businesses and the customer experience with succinct tips for you to use in your company at the end of each chapter.” – David Norton

Amazon – $19.04

Machine Learning for Absolute Beginners

A Plain English Introduction

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Machine Learning for Absolute BeginnersOliver Theobald

Read this book before diving in to any textbooks, it will give you a clear and plain English introduction to machine learning. It provides a practical, yet high-level intro to the practical components and statistical concepts found in machine learning, including cross validation, ensemble modelling, feature engineering and more. No coding experience required.

Amazon – $12.15

Machine Learning

Complete Beginners Guide for Neural Networks, Algorithms, Random Forests and Decision Trees Made Simple

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Machine Learning Complete Beginners GuideAlexa Spencer

This book will teach you what machine learning is and how it’s used, with real world examples. It also covers the frameworks and languages used to write algorithms, including an in-depth discussion on the most popular algorithms. Get advice for choosing and implementing algorithms and how to interpret the results and put them to use.

Amazon – $9.95

Data Analytics

Data Analytics AND Agile Project Management & Machine Learning

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Data Analytics and Agile Project Management and Machine LearningRobert Keane

This book includes 3 manuscripts, you can simply get Data Analytics to ‘Master the Techniques Used for Data Science, Big Data and Data Analytics’, or get the set of 3 to learn about Agile Project Management as well as Machine Learning to ‘Master the Three Types of Machine Learning’. In ‘Data Analytics’ you’ll find everything you need to know to get started completing the right kind of data analysis to benefit your business.

Amazon – $25.38


The Agile Way

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Analytics The Agile WayPhil Simon

Let award-winning author, Phil Simon, show you how intelligent organisations including Google and Nextdoor are approaching contemporary analytics. At a high-level he discusses how these organisations are applying the same agile technologies that software engineers and developers have successfully used for years but in a different area: analytics.

“The book explains why most organizations’ analytics efforts are flat-out wrong and provides a lucid, common-sense alternative.” – Phil Simon

Amazon – $31.42

Business Case Analysis with R

Simulation Tutorials to Support Complex Business Decisions

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Business Case Analysis with RRobert Brown

Develop a business case simulation and analysis with the statistical programming language R. Minimise decision delay by focusing stakeholders on what matters most with suggested pathways for minimising risk. R is one of the most widely used tools for reproducible quantitative analysis. The R language, traditionally used for statistical analysis also provides a more explicit, flexible and extensible environment than spreadsheets for conducting business case analysis.

“Business case analysis, often conducted in spreadsheets, exposes decision makers to additional risks that arise just from the use of the spreadsheet environment. In the meantime, the statistical programming language R has become one of the most widely used tools for reproducible quantitative analysis, and analysts fluent in this language are in high demand. This tutorial teaches you in a very conversational style how to use the statistical programming language R to develop a business case simulation and analysis that avoids all the problems that spreadsheets impose while expanding the use case of R for analysts who want to increase the value of their skill set.” – Robert Brown

Amazon – $22.63

Data Analytics

Tips and Tricks to Learn and Execute Data Analytics Programs

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Data Analytics Tips and TricksDaniel Jones

In his second book in the list, Daniel Jones explains how to overcome common challenges companies face when analysing their data. The goal of this book is to show you the basics and easiest ways to start using data analytics. Learn what data analytics is, how you can use data analytics, data modelling, data visualisation and more.

Amazon – $15.38


How to Win With Intelligence

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Analytics How to Win with IntelligenceJohn Thompson & Shawn Rogers

Learn how to turn big data and other sources of information into valuable knowledge, knowledge that can create incredible competitive advantage to propel your business toward market leadership. Learn with real life examples and experience how to pick projects and build an analytics team that delivers results.

“Analytics: How to win with Intelligence – is written for non-technical professionals to give them a quick, practical and accessible view of how to understand, develop and implement analytical systems with their teams to drive measureable value in their business operations.  The book is meant to provide a practical “how to” approach that gets people started and provides guidance that they can refer to over time.  The case studies and real world examples are from my 30+ years of experience in building analytical systems in leading companies in North and South America, Europe and Asia.” – John Thompson

Amazon – $26.71

Master the Essentials of Email Marketing Analytics

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Master the Essentials of Email Marketing AnalyticsHimanshu Sharma

Many rate email marketing as the most powerful online marketing strategy available. However, one in five emails does not reach the inbox. There are several KPIs that impact your ‘sender score’ and ‘inbox placement rate’ including email deliverability, subscriber engagement and conversions. Dramatically reduce your cost per acquisition and increase email marketing ROI by tracking the performance of various KPIs and metrics. This books focuses entirely on the analytics that power your email marketing optimisation program.

“A lot has been written about email marketing over the years. However, the majority of books out there talk about growing your email marketing list and perfecting your email marketing messages. This book is not about that.

This book is not about finding the best email subject lines, getting started with email marketing or providing you with any sort of blueprint or template that promises to skyrocket your sales. This book focuses solely on the ‘analytics’ that power your email marketing optimization program.

Inside this expert guide, you will discover:

  1. Various KPIs and metrics for measuring email deliverability
  2. Various KPIs and metrics for measuring subscriber engagement
  3. Various KPIs and metrics for measuring email conversions and ROI
  4. The technology used by mailbox service providers to make inbox placement decisions
  5. Techniques to avoid spam filters and blacklists
  6. Techniques to monitor and improve email deliverability
  7. Techniques to monitor and improve subscriber engagement
  8. Improving KPI performance for email marketing”– Himanshu Sharma

Amazon – $23.78

Data Analytics Beginners Guide

Dive into the Heart of Big Data, its Techniques and Solutions

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Data Analytics Beginners GuideRonald Davis

Most companies understand that they can derive value from capturing data when they apply data analytics. In the 1950’s, decades before the term Big Data became popular, businesses were conducting basic analytics with the use of spreadsheets to manually examine data and find trends and insights. Today, big data analytics brings a whole new level of efficiency and speed to the table. Learn how to have efficient processes, stay relevant and innovative with big data.

Amazon – $14.34

Microsoft Excel

Advanced Microsoft Excel Data Analysis for Business

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Advanced Microsoft Excel Data Analysis for BusinessJohn Slavio

Get an introduction to advanced excel in Microsoft Excel: Advanced Microsoft Excel Data Analysis for Business and learn how to optimise using the solver function, as well as sensitivity analysis, 3-dimensional formula and data validation. In this book you’ll also learn about different charts with application, including 23 different chart types, using correlations to summarise applications and more.

Amazon – $24.99

Data Analytics

Using Big Data Analytics for Business to Increase Profits and Create Happy Customers

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Data Analytics Using Big Data Analytics for BusinessMatthew Adams

If you need to manage big data solutions and need to learn how to understand SMART big data and data analytics for improved business intelligence and performance, you can start here. This book outlines clear and actionable steps to equip you with the tools you need. Get proven-to-work steps and strategies on how to use everyday data analytics for business to increase profitability and customer satisfaction.

Amazon – $14.38

Monetizing Your Data

A Guide to Turning Data into Profit-Driving Strategies and Solutions

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Monetizing Your DataAndrew Roman Wells & Kathy Williams Chiang

Companies are swamped with data. Monetizing Your Data provides a framework for business managers to convert growing volumes of data into revenue through decision architecture, data science and guided analytics. Learn how to leverage your data to drive significant financial performance.

“More than ever, companies are swimming in a sea of data.  According to one source, the amount of knowledge created is doubling every 13 months.  How to best utilize this data to drive business decisions is a big challenge for most organizations.  Monetizing Your Data lays out a step by step approach to help business managers build analytics that can help drive revenue for their organization from one of their most important assets, their data.” – Andrew Roman Wells

“Monetizing Your Data gives you a road map to what you need to do to integrate your data into your business decisions. The book goes beyond the hype of Big Data and Analytics to introduce you to the various disciplines and techniques you will need to build data driven business intelligence solutions for your business. It targets business and marketing managers, providing them with the information they need to know to guide their teams without getting bogged down in the highly technical aspects of the solutions.” – Kathy Williams Chiang

Amazon – $22.47

Data Strategy

How to Profit from a World of Big Data, Analytics and the Internet of Things

Top 25 Analytics Books to Read in 2018 - Data Strategy How to ProfitBernard Marr

Data is revolutionising business and it’s the companies that view their data as a strategic asset that will survive and thrive. Yet less than 0.5 per cent of all data is currently analysed and used. Business leaders and managers cannot afford to be unconcerned with their data. This is your guide to creating a robust strategy. It explains how to identify your strategic data needs, what methods to use to collect data and how to translate that data into insights to improve decision-making and performance.

“Data, artificial intelligence and internet-connected devices are revolutionising the way we all do business. For organisations, and every function within them, data has become a crucial business asset that needs a robust data strategy. I wrote this book to give managers a clear blueprint to identify the true business value of data and help them find the right data and technology to address their most important business challenges. To make it really practical I have stayed away from technical jargon and included loads of practical examples from a wide range of organisations such as Walmart, RBS, Google and NASA.” – Bernard Marr

Amazon – $20.36


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