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30 point checklist for bad SEO performance

By May 25, 2011 No Comments
2 min read

Our traffic is down, let’s analyse what’s wrong! When faced with this issue most Digital marketers won’t automatically know where to start.
Here is a 30 points checklist to verify the performance of your site and try to understand which elements are affecting visits and conversions.
Seasonality/company issue

  • Is the decline visible in other channels?
  • Same volumes %
  • Do we observe similar pattern amongst our top affiliates?
  • Is our decline similar to Google trends for generic keywords

Technical elements

  • Are we seeing a decline across all sites?
  • Are we seeing an decline across specific languages?
  • Have we changed code of site?
  • Have we changed any element of the hosting/Akamai?

Webmaster tools

  • Is our Crawl rate consistent?
  • Is our load speed consistent?
  • Is our page speed consistent?
  • Is our index rate consistent?

Keyword Ranking

  • Is our ranking consistent
  • Does our ranking has a ceiling for certain positions (Penalty 6 & Penalty 50)
  • Does a spot check verify information provided by AWR
  • Is 1 site losing to another? Is the shift resulting in lower positions?


  • Which pages are most affected?
  • Is the decline associated with a specific Search Engine? Google places visits?
  • Are certain page categories more affected than others?
  • Are certain regions more affected than others? Source vs. Destination
  • Are certain cities more affected than others (buckets view)?


  • Has our linkbuilding been consistent
  • Verify using majestic SEO data
  • Are we seeing significant difference based on LB activity

Content activity

  • When did we last updated content on the site?
  • Are we seeing difference based on content freshness?
  • Are we seeing difference based on content quantity?

Search Engine Activities

  • Does the start date of decline correspond to any large algorithm update
  • Is there activity on main SEO forum/sites suggesting a shift in certain algorithm elements
  • Have we seen shift in Page Rank / Mozrank / Moztrust?

Answers to each of the checkpoints will be added in future posts. Stay tuned for more info.

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