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Facebook Introduces First-Party Cookie Option

Facebook has joined the club of Google, Microsoft and others who offer first-party cookies. As of 24-October, the first-party cookie option for the Facebook pixel will officially go live.
There’s nothing you, as an advertiser or publisher, need to do. On 5-October, the first party cookie option became enabled (but not live) in Events Manager under Pixel and Cookie Settings. You can choose to opt-in early should the feature become available prior to the 24-October live date. Alternatively, for advertisers within heavily regulated industries, opting out is an option, however, it must be done prior to the 24th.
The first-party cookie option is a welcome addition for Facebook advertisers as it will act as a workaround against “intelligent tracking prevention”, a new feature of Webkit, the web-browser engine that powers Apple’s Safari browser, among others. Starting on Safari 11, third-party cookies are no longer trackable. Mozilla’s Firefox, it should be noted, also aims to release something similar in the near future. Considering Safari’s market share is second to Chrome (first, on tablets), this first-party cookie option is important so that marketers can reach more customers on Facebook, and also ensure more accurate data via Facebook analytics.
Now that you have cookies on the mind, consider reviewing Facebook’s Cookie Consent Guide for Sites and Apps, alternatively, feel free to watch this video of a pig waking up by the smell of a cookie. Your call.

Kirsten Tanner

Kirsten Tanner

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